Holiday Spice (The Shaughnessy Brothers #6)

HOLIDAY SPICE                                             SAMANTHA CHASE

Darcy Shaughnessy needs a break. Tired of her nonexistent dating life and poor job prospects, she decides to spend the holidays with her brother and his wife in sunny L.A. Nothing could be more relaxing—but of course, nothing goes as planned. In a cruel twist of fate, the lively Darcy finds herself snowed in up in Washington state with a brooding—and deliciously handsome—artist.


The sixth book in the series and this is about Darcy. She travels to Washington to help Benjamin Tanner who is doing a book about his wood carvings. She is doing this as a favor for Savannah who married Riley in book number 4 and now have a baby and cannot go to Washington for Benjamin. Benjamin likes two things woodcarving and solitude. Darcy does not like solitude and goes a mile a minute when they first met and does not stop until he talks about Savannah for 20 minutes. The rest of her time she wants to finish the book and be gone. She thinks his work is amazing and she thinks he is very good looking but they mix like oil and water. Thinking that she is done and is at the airport she finds out she is stuck. Lo and behold Ben shows up and takes her back to his place and at first it gets just as bad as it was before she left. She clans his office amongst other things and then she finds out that he does not like or does Christmas. Not being able to understand she accepts and she wants to try to work with Ben on a relationship. He comes out to Carolina for Thanksgiving and things go well until the last day when he is tired of the family always being around. Both say things that they probably should not say now they are at opposite ends of the country trying to figure out their own lives first before or if they can be a couple. A wonderful story and like always Ian comes in and says and gives her what she needs. The ending is good and overall a good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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