Slap Shot: Bryant (Nashville Sound #2)

SLAP SHOT                                                       ALICIA HUNTER PACE

Life has taught defenseman Bryant Taylor never to look back and never to get serious about a woman. His ill, pregnant wife died while he was off playing an away game, leaving him—and both their families—heartbroken. Jokes and puck bunnies are his style now, and he’s sticking to it.

Gabriella Charbonnet has idolized her brother Emile since he rescued her from their violently abusive father when she was eleven—and he’s supported her ever since. He even agreed to play for the Sound so that she could apprentice as a pastry chef in nearby Beauford, Tennessee.

When Bryant and Gabriella find themselves thrown together at a society fundraiser, sparks fly. But Gabriella wants nothing to do with hockey players, aside from her brother, who just so happens to be Bryant’s best friend. The first rule of the bro code? Don’t mess with sisters.


This book picks up where the last book ended with Gabriella having to listen to other people about her brother planning for the wedding between him and his new fiancĂ©. At the same time Emile’s teammate Bryant who has always thought Gabriella a beautiful woman is working on ways to spend time with her. Wanting to date her he is slowly making time with her and making it possible for her to see him as a possible person to date. The problem he is having is that she is dealing with her and Emile’s past and their father who was an abuser, so Emile made her promise not to date any hockey players. The problem with that is even though she owns a bakery she mostly around hockey players. Bryant is dealing with his own issues from his past and you find out that he was married at a young age. Can these two become a couple you hope so because they are good for each other and you want them together if they can get past themselves and others? A very good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us us

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