Bad Reputation (Bad Boys of Sports #1)

BAD REPUTATION                                          NICOLE EDWARDS

Chase: With a nickname like “Sin,” it’s no wonder they call me the bad boy of hockey. Opponents curse me. Fans scream my name—in the arena and in other, much more private places. Penalties or not, I’m not afraid to dish out a little pain. But pleasure? That’s my weakness. And no one knows it better than my best friend, Cassie Desrosiers. I’d have to be blind not to notice her rocking body and teasing grin. So when she invites me along on a trip to Vegas, my curiosity isn’t the only thing that’s aroused.

Cassie: Chase Barrett is a world-class A-hole. As his best friend, I’m allowed to call him on his BS. Who else is going to do it? Certainly not the puck bunnies swooning at every flex of his biceps. Everyone knows that Chase is the love-’em-and-leave-’em type. There’s no such thing as commitment for the king of casual hookups. So why should I care? Maybe because all work and no play makes me a sexually frustrated girl. It’s time to put the hockey stud at my beck and call to good use . . . but after a week in Vegas with Chase, I might never want to go back to the real world.


A story of two best friends one is a hockey player and bad boy Chase Barrett, the other is Cassie Desrosiers. She works for a tech company and spends most of her time there. They met in college and also find out that they live close to one another so they go home to visit together also in this story. Home is Wisconsin, they are living in Texas. The story goes along with her thinking that he is still whoring around with one night stands. She does not know that is not the case and that he is finding her more and more attractive. This all comes to a head when he goes with her to Vegas for a tech convention where she is supposed to be a keynote speaker for her company and their new product release. But what happens the night before derails her speech and her job. What she does not know is will that also derail their future. Both want to be together but do they each want to admit what they remember that night in Vegas. Do they want to be happy? This is a fun story about two people who had already found each other but did not know it. Read this good story and see who it ends. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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