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From Black Hand criminals to stand-up cops, from innocent victims and ordinary people to schemers and dreamers: a novel that chronicles 100 years in the lives and relationships of those who have lived in New York City’s Little Italy. A multi-generational, multi- dimensional tale that digs deep into the minds and hearts of this vibrant neighborhood.


What a story about the “Black Hand” which was the name of the Mafia before. When men first came over from Sicily it was to leave from the rear of the “Black Hand”, now this author takes you back in time to the 1880’s following some of the immigrants who moved to what is now Little Italy in the Bronx. The characters make you feel like you are entering a tailor shop, or vegetables from the street, maybe you are buying something from one of the men pushing carts. The sights, smells the deals, the payoffs. Some of the people the author uses are people. The Italian squad real started official started by N.Y. Police in 1906 after two years of Joe Petrosino appealing to the police commissioner to increase the 5 Italian police officers from 5 to 30. By then arrests went up including 75% by his squad. Actually, his story is fascinating, and as in the book he was killed in Sicily in 1909 and buried in New York City to one of the largest funerals in their history. You follow people that want to help the police and those who because they are being taken care of with housing, business, don’t help. This is a story of a different time when each neighborhood was ethic. They came from the same place or region and settled in New York or some other city and then raised children. The story reminded me of my father telling me stories of his childhood, which was in the Bronx and his Grandparents came over from Southern Italy in 1920. This story also is before the social clubs which began to show up in neighborhoods. Overall a wonderful story from my point of view, and the way the author blends some real life into it I found refreshing. A very good, with wonderful characters, good and bad. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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