INTERLUDE (The Interlude Duet #2)

INTERLUDE                                    AUDEN DAR

Heartbreak is my only souvenir.
The morning after the most unforgettable night of my life,
I wake up minus the man and plus one note.
With my head held high, I’m determined to move on without the two men who broke my heart.
My former fiancé who let me go easily without so much as a glance.
And the staggering, gorgeous Englishman who made me scream incoherent words…
All. Night. Long.
When tragic circumstances bring Julian closer than ever, it comes with unyielding passion and
a new proposal… but not the traditional kind, the no-strings-attached kind.
Tensions flare.
Life-changing truths are revealed.
New sexual adventures are explored.
But the question remains, will we ever be more than this Interlude?

     This is a part two of a book that left me so wanting more.  This is Ms. Dar’s second book that doesn’t disappoint.  I thought one was excitingly fresh and oh so sexy well, nothing compared to this one.
     Lina Darling James has left her partner of 16 years.  After years of neglect, she decides to take herself out of this type of life and leave Andrew.  A decision she thought long and hard about.  Andrew thinks, however, she should take time for herself that it would do her good and go to her home in NY.  Although Lina was very clear in telling him she would not be returning Andrew being self-absorbed doesn’t want to listen he just states take all the time you need and goes back to writing his novel.  Never once fighting for their relationship.  Crushing her even more.
     She leaves and ends up spending a great deal of time with her childhood friend Julian Cain.  They had reconnected after fourteen years.  On her birthday a difficult day, she had lost her parents so she never usually celebrated on that day.  Julian wouldn’t let her wallow, though.  He got her out of being and took her out to do some of her favorite things.  Then, that night he made her an offer she could refuse.
     By the next morning when she wakes she figures out he has gone to London and once again he has vanished without telling her just like when they were kids.  She feels like a fool for letting him back into her life.  Only for him to vanish like a puff of smoke just like everyone else she has truly loved.  She starts to question her decision of leaving her neglectful relationship at least then she was not alone.  For nine days straight, she wallowed and then got herself together.
     When she gets a call from Julian saying his father has had a heart attack and if she can be with him until he can get there.  As if she wouldn’t be there for the only other father figure she has known in her life and who helped raise her. So, she goes to him.  From the moment Julian and she see each other their connection is too great.  They need to figure this out…

     This was a sexually intense and sexually graphic book.  Not for those who are not truly in love with love and lovemaking.  This couple deal with some heavy emotional issues that caught me off guard.  Just when I thought I got it, I was wrong.  So good and so intense.  If you are into music a lot of musical references that impact the senses that I would stop and listen while reading which only added to my reading enjoyment.  That’s just me.  It made the characters all the more real for me.  I quirky that way.  It made me cry at the end so beware.  I give this 5++++ stars.  Follow me at

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