RUNNING INTO LOVE (Fluke My Life #1)


Fawn Reed has kissed one too many toads and has finally decided that Prince Charming doesn’t exist. After countless mishaps, mistakes, and unmitigated disasters on the dating scene, she’s decided to give up and move on with her life…solo.

Everything changes, however, after Fawn runs into Levi Fremont, a homicide detective new to New York City.

Dedication to the job has rendered Levi’s love life nonexistent—until he moves in next door to the free-spirited Fawn. After a series of comedic run-ins push them together, will they finally give in to the inevitable and realize—maybe—they are perfect for each other?

     This was one hilariously funny and touching story at the same time.  Of course, it had all the elements I truly adore in a story, of course, the humor, the romance, the mystery, the family drama, and the conflict.  All wonderful things to not make you want to put this book down.
     It opens with Fawn Reed, a twenty-seven-year-old fifth-grade teacher in NYC, out for a morning jog.  But for some crazy reason, she has her eyes closed as she barrels into Levi Fremont, a thirty-year-old, NYPD homicide detective out for his own morning jog.  It happens so fast Levi has no time to get out of her way when they both go down.
     Although he tries his best to soften the impact as best he can by rolling so that there is no central impact.  When they land he rolls up and over her to see if she is okay.  When she opens her eyes, she sees his mouth moving but can’t hear him and there is a glowing light around his head.  When all of a sudden Levi moves startling her as he pulls out her earphones.
     Therefore, making her yell fire.  Pull then notice they had fallen.  Levi yells would you be quiet.  And that he was asking if she was asking if she was hurt.  She looks around at all the people and says, “No show folks.”  As Levi is assessing her he notices she is gorgeous but a little off her rocker.  He asked why were you running with your eyes closed?  To which she asks basically, “If you saw they were closed why didn’t you get out of the way?”
     He helps her up, tells her, her knees are bleeding and if she needs help getting home, or to the hospital, she says no she will just sit a minute.  He says okay but he needs to go he has an appointment.  Meanwhile, she’s thinking he’s Mr. Bossy, wondering why he didn’t get out of the way and he had a nice ass.  Then she realizes he made off with her earbuds.
     She gets to her apartment building and realizes there’s a moving van.  She knows her neighbor moved out recently.  When she climbs the four flights she figures that oh now her new neighbor is…you got it, Levi.

     See how these two take their adversary roles to something totally different.  See how those around them try to influence them in a lot of directions making for a very eventful read.  I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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