First Templar Nation: How the Knights Templar Created Europe's First Nation-state

FIRST TEMPLAR NATION                            FREDDY SIVA

In this fast-paced historical detective work, bestselling author Freddy Silva uses rare sources to upturn history and uncover the Templars’ greatest and least-known accomplishment.

Conventional history claims that in 1118 nine men formed a brotherhood in Jerusalem called the Knights Templar. But what if it could be shown that not only was this group greater in number, but they existed far earlier, and together with a secret group of monks named the Order of Sion they planned one of the most daring endeavors in history: the creation of Europe’s first nation-state.

But what motivated the Templars to establish this virgin territory 2000 miles west of Jerusalem? Was it related to a discovery under Temple Mount, a secret that required protection from the Church and for which the knights would rather die than reveal?
What did their inner brotherhood know about an ancient esoteric practice called ‘raising the dead’? Why did they build initiation chambers? Why the obsession with John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene? Why did Portuguese Templar Masters vow to protect a holy bloodline? And could their most famous chapel be the actual resting place of the one object most associated with the knights — the Grail?

This original, eye-opening account will engage and surprise even the most seasoned Templar enthusiasts.

With 140 images.

Freddy Silva is a researcher of ancient systems of knowledge and bestselling author.


A look into the creation of the formation of the First Templar Nation. Why it was created, what the purpose was, and then why the demise. The facts that are shown to you the reader are written in a way that is easy to understand and the author provides maps of the different areas that he would be discussing. Like everything else what I first thought many years ago as only to be a story is actual fact. This book gives you an easy look into their life, and the reasons why they were created. This is a fascinating story and each page brings a new discover. A very good book. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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