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HARD COVER                                                 JAMIE K. SCHMIDT

Dawn: I’d do anything to keep my bookstore. It’s a safe place for all women, somewhere to let their freak flags fly. I call it sex-positive. The menfolk call it smut. That’s how I met Rory Parker, the local billionaire trying to shut me down on behalf of the “moral majority.” He walked in with an offer I couldn’t refuse . . . except I did. Now Rory wants to play dirty. Well, he picked the wrong bookseller. Let’s see how much support he still has after people get a load of the little movie I recorded of the two of us going at it like wild animals in my shop. 

Rory: I couldn’t care less how Dawn Nolan makes her money. The only thing I care about is how much she’s making. Her bookstore isn’t the kind of upscale attraction my investors want in this sleepy little tourist trap, so it’s got to go. But when Dawn personally finds out how I treat bad girls who misbehave, she seems to enjoy it as much as I do. Now I just need to destroy the copies of that video she’s threatening to post—as soon as I stop watching it. The trouble is, when I’m with her, all I want to do is get started on the sequel.


This is the second book and I must say I liked Stud the first book better. I was thinking this one would really get me because it was about a woman who owned a bookstore. Though I liked Dawn and all of her little quirks, and her attitude. It was really Rory and his parents that I could not get over. Rory being a millionaire thinking he could just buy people out of their leases. Also the first book each of the main characters had issues but they each had structure. In this book every time I thought I was getting a handle on one or both they would switch up. Parts of the story were really good, like with Rory sister. But overall it was just too much back and forth Dawn sticking up for an older person who was selling out, but then forgetting everything because Rory would start in with wanting sex and then the issue she was discussing was forgotten and would never be brought back up. It felt like that throughout the book. The sex scenes were good but at times took away from the story, just my opinion. Will still read her next book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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