Hardheaded (Deep in the Heart #1)

HARD HEADED                                               KIM LAW

Construction tip #1: Never anger a hot-tempered woman who knows how to wield a sledgehammer. And right now, Jill Sadler is spitting mad. Her company is competing on the wildly popular show Texas Dream Home, and she intends to give it her all. The opposition: We Nail It Contractors, helmed by the man who once married her…and walked out twenty-four hours later. Jill can’t let Cal Reynolds take this round. Not when she has her foster sisters and years of righteous resentment spurring her on.
Winning the contest would do wonders for Cal’s firm. Getting under Jill’s skin is just a bonus. She paints him as a villain, though Cal had no choice but to leave. Yet being around Jill again—fiery on the outside, vulnerable and warm underneath—is setting off sparks that can’t be blamed on faulty wiring. And the only way to fix the Jill-size hole in his heart is to risk everything and see if this love is built to last…


This book is about three foster sisters who own and run their own construction company. One of their biggest problems is they continue to be out bided on some jobs by Cal Reynolds. So Jill Sadler has an idea and that is entering a show that involves remolding a home. What she does not know is that the producers of the show want Cal to be the person that they go against. He agrees but when he discovers that she does not know he and the rest of the town are waiting for Jill to explode when she finds out at the local diner in front of the cameras. She at least waits until she is out of the diner and the glass door before kicking the two chairs in front. That is a nice way to introduce her to the story. She is much more complicated than that and it is revealed in the story along with the history between her and Cal and why she is so upset. The story has funny moments, and some heartfelt ones also. Overall a very good book. I liked her sisters and the few workers of Cal’s team that were given to us the readers. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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