Izzy As Is

IZZY AS IS                                                        TRACIE BANISTER

The party is over for bikini model Izzy Alvarez. For six years she’s made a good living by flaunting her God-given assets on runways and in front of cameras, but now as she approaches the big 3-0, the bodacious Latina is shocked to learn she’s aged out of the profession that’s kept her in mojitos, mani/pedis, and designer thongs. What’s a girl with a taste for the finer things in life and no marketable skills to do?

Getting a regular job is too boring to even consider, so Izzy decides to follow in the footsteps of her newly-engaged frenemy and become a trophy wife. Although she’s desperate and too broke to get a chipped nail fixed, Izzy still has standards for her future husband, which means no uggos, no vertically-challenged guys, and no geezers who need to pop a blue pill to perform in the bedroom. Enlisting the aid of her computer whiz nephew and her closest pals, Izzy goes on the prowl for a rich, marriage-minded man, encountering likely candidates in a lot of unlikely places.

The high life she’s dreamed of may be within reach when Izzy meets a charming, successful man who’s not only hotter than a steamy summer night in Miami, but ready to settle down. Now all Izzy has to do is make sure her loud, crazy Cuban family doesn’t scare off el hombre perfecto—oh, yeah, and squelch those pesky, romantic feelings she keeps having for the sweet, cash-strapped guy she's known forever.

Will Izzy’s hunger for money win out, or will her fiery heart demand to be heard?


This is a fun book. Izzy is a swimsuit model with tastes that match her lifestyle. Everything that she knows becomes a crisis because she is losing her job and being relegated to jobs that she would have done years ago when she first started. Turning 30 years old and not wanting to turn into her much older sister she comes up with a plan that she must find and marry a man who has money. Finding a man won’t be difficult with her bodacious body. She does at times has to put in check her smart-aleck mouth but when she meets the mother of who she thinks is perfect for her she lets loose at the restaurant. That is just one of the many time that Izzy lets her mouth run, but as you read this book you understand that that is her. She also hires her 11-year-old nephew to come up with her plan to find a husband, since her nephew is the smartest person she knows. This book is funny and you have no idea where or what is going to happen from one page to the next. Izzy’s personality and fun jump off the page along with her smart mouth that gets her in trouble at times, but then she will do something that shocks you as the reader as great. The scenes when she was taking care of her niece and nephew were great as was the car ride taking her sister to the hospital. I knew this book was good when I was looking for it to continue but sadly it came to an end, and that it was when I knew the author had me. This is a fun read with great characters and you will not be disappointed in reading this book. I got this book from Amazon. Follow us on www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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