Luckiest Cowboy of All (Happy, Texas #3)

LUCKIEST COWBOY                                      CAROLYN BROWN

Carlene Varner's homecoming isn't exactly going according to plan. She thought she'd have some time to adjust before introducing her daughter to Jace Dawson, the father her little girl has never known. Instead, within days of her arrival, her house burns down and she and Tilly have no choice but to move in with the sexy cowboy himself at the Prairie Rose ranch. Now the whole Dawson clan - heck, the whole town of Happy - is all up in their business.

Jace has dealt with stubborn bulls and bucking broncos - but being a dad? He is so not ready for this... Yet the more time he spends with Carlene and little Tilly, the harder it is to imagine life without them. Now he just has to convince Carlene that he's the real deal - and hope that this time she's here to stay.


This is the third book about Happy Texas. It opens with Charlene and her daughter Tilly coming to the town and to what they think is a house that she has inherited from her grandmother. Hoping that she can stop moving and settle down. She is also back to let the father of Tilly know that he is a father. Now the reason why she did not tell him I can understand at the time, but the waiting nine years may be a little much. Jace is glad Charlene has moved back but is surprised when he sees Tilly. He knows she is his and there is the rest of the story. Working out how it is going to work. There is also a good story of the grandmother of Jace finding her old love and them working on being together. For me, there was nothing special about this story. If it was not for the character of Tilly and the grandmother it would not be a very good story for me. That is just me, for others, I am sure it will be right up there alley. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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