Only You (The Brooklyn Brotherhood #4)

ONLY YOU                                                        ADDISON FOX

Fender Blackstone has kept the world at arm’s length, with the exception of his adoptive brothers and Mama Lou, the woman who saved him. Fender is willing to do everything he can to support Lou, but he finds himself drawn to Harlow Reynolds: the daughter of the woman who could destroy everything Lou has worked for.

Even without the emotional turmoil between their families, why would a woman from the highest echelons of Manhattan society ever look twice at a kid from Brooklyn? As forbidden sparks flare between them, Fender and Harlow realize there’s something real forming between them. When Fender’s past resurfaces and threatens the life he’s built, can his love for Harlow survive the aftermath?


A story about two people Fender Blackstone and Harlow Reynolds. Both are trying to overcome their child hood. Fender did not have a good one and when a local woman Mama Lou step in and adopted him and two other boy’s his life changed. He still sees himself through his father eyes even after everything he has accomplished. Harlow meets Fender at a rally in Brooklyn as Mama Lou is running for borough president. She is there to apologize for her mother and the actions of her mother but instead meets Fender and this begins their time of sorting out each other. Fender is not the most pleasant person all of the time and she calls him on that. It is their differences that make this story, but will it keep them together because Harlow sure fights for it. She is up against a person who is locked up like fort Knox, maybe she can break through. Read this story to find out. The secondary characters really add to this book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at (less)

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