The Never-Open Desert Diner (Ben Jones #1)


Ben Jones lives a quiet, hardscrabble life, working as a trucker on Route 117, a little-travelled road in a remote region of the Utah desert which serves as a haven for fugitives and others looking to hide from the world. For many of the desert's inhabitants, Ben's visits are their only contact with the outside world, and the only landmark worth noting is a once-famous roadside diner that hasn't opened in years. 

Ben's routine is turned upside down when he stumbles across a beautiful woman named Claire playing a cello in an abandoned housing development. He can tell that she's fleeing something in her past - a dark secret that pushed her to the end of the earth - but despite his better judgment he is inexorably drawn to her. 

As Ben and Claire fall in love, specters from her past begin to resurface, with serious and life-threatening consequences not only for them both, but for others who have made this desert their sanctuary. Dangerous men come looking for her, and as they turn Route 117 upside down in their search, the long-buried secrets of those who've laid claim to this desert come to light, bringing Ben and the other locals into deadly conflict with Claire's pursuers. Ultimately, the answers they all seek are connected to the desert's greatest mystery - what really happened all those years ago at the never-open desert diner? 


A very interesting story of a truck driver and the different people that he delivers to on his dissolute route. Growing up in the desert and seeing people that lived in the trailers far out of the way and away from the main roads and people, the author shows you what it like with the people that are to themselves and only allow you to see a little glimpse into their world. Ben Jones sees these people and is their only connection with the outside world. What most people don’t understand is that most of the people don’t want contact with others for any number of reasons. I use to take my wife on some of these back desert roads and she always wondered who and why would someone want to live so far out away from civilization and in the middle of the desert. This book gives you a look into it with a fascinating story of love, loss, and murder. Also with Ben trying to not only save himself but also a woman, he falls in love with and a young girl who is pregnant that comes to him for help, but they help each other. I found the characters to be real at least the ones from the desert. The roads that described I have actually been on. The story for the most to be a very interesting and a good way to bring in conflict instead of the usual places of a city. Overall a good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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