BOUND BY THEIR BABIES (Yoxburgh Park Hospital #3)


Best friends, single parents...Now they need each other like never before! Obstetricians Jake and Emily have supported each other through tough times. But when they both become single parents, there's only one solution--move in together and share the job and the childcare! Only, the secret desires they've held for each other become very tough to hide. But would revealing their love risk their friendship--or answer their dreams?


     This was about two best friends who met their freshman year in college.  It was after a drunken night prank put Jake Stratton in a very bad position.  Yes, he was handcuffed to a fence perfectly naked with a key taped to it out of reach as were his clothes.
     When who should happen to come upon him in his happiest of times but Emily Cardew on her morning run.  She first gave him an earful, had herself a laugh at his expense, then another earful, and then she released him.  Once he was dressed they both had a laugh exchanged names and went to breakfast.  The rest was history.
     They have been friends for twenty years now.  They have seen each other through a lot.  They stand in the aftermaths of where their separate journeys have taken them now.  They have stayed constants in each other lives but…
     Emily married Peter Cardew and this after knowing a year into dating he had cancer.  After freezing some of his swimmers they decided to try to have a baby.  Sadly, he only made it to her twelve-week ultrasound.  The cancer was more aggressive than they thought. 
     Jake was there by her side like he was when he walked her down the aisle, which just about killed him loving her so much, but he did it anyway.  Forever heartbroken but he stayed her forever friend.  The hardest part for him is on Peter’s deathbed he asked Jake to take care of Em and the baby to come when he passed.  Feeling Jake with guilt for pinning over Em all these years.  Rough!
     As if he wouldn’t but still the guilt since he was in love with Em.  Now, he was helping to deliver her child.  Which turns out to be a son named Zachary Peter Jacob Cardew.  Even though both he and Em are Obstetricians it was much different on their side of the birth this time.
     With their jobs, they were used to high-stress jobs but during the weeks before her giving birth he was a wreck.  He talked her into coming up so she could stay with him so she could be near just in case.  Which was good since she delivers early.  So, he helped her for a few weeks.  That was June.
     April arrives and a distressed call from his boss comes in for him to come over to the coffee shop across the street.  In the middle of an exam.  NOW!  He is told it concerns his daughter Tilly.  Now his is worried since she is only fourteen months old.  How he is in a panic and is wondering why his boss is calling and not his ex.  He leaving after apologies. 
     When he arrives, Tilly is screaming bloody murder.  When he gets to her she is crying for mummy.  Until she sees him. Then, the world is right.  You see Jo, Tilly’s mother just handed her off to Ben knowing he worked with Jake.  Said she would be back in a minute she forgot something.  Never came back.  When he saw an envelope with Jakes name on it he knew something was up.
     The note said she could no longer care for her.  She met someone that she wanted to travel with him.  That she was sorry that she loved Tilly but she needed this.  Sorry for leaving him in a mess.
     Jake’s World has now been turned upside down.  So, this time he needs to be the one who reaches out.  He does and Em meets the call like a champ.  She comes to his aide.  Good Clean Read.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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