THE BABY SWITCH (The Wyoming Multiples)

THE BABY SWITCH                                MELISSA SENATE

He took home the wrong baby…

But gained a wife!

Single dad Liam Mercer loves his son with all his heart. But the unthinkable has happened—his beloved baby isn’t really his! And Shelby Ingalls is reeling to discover that her baby was accidentally switched with Liam’s. Their solution? Marriage! And in this new Wyoming Multiples miniseries by the former Meg Maxwell, the sparks flying in this marriage of convenience sure look a lot like love.

     As a parent, I can’t even imagine this type of thing happening.  The feelings going through Shelby Ingalls and Liam Mercer when they were called into the clinic where their children were born.
     To have that same clinic tell them you took home the wrong baby that’s bad enough, then to realize the person sitting across from you has your birth child and your very next thought, ‘Oh! No! They could want their birth child.  My child!  At least the one I thought was my child, wait no, is my child and I have been raising for the last six months.’
     Then, when Shelby really looks at Liam she remembers him from the hospital ER as they wheeled her in.  You see she was all alone.  Until her mom and sister arrived.  She had been married until she told her ex she was pregnant.  That’s when he filed for divorce.  Well, having two girlfriends and wife was hard enough to juggle adding a baby didn’t work for him, I guess.
     Liam comes from one of the richest families in Wedlock Creek, Wyoming.  Of which he is the president of Mercer Industries doing mergers, acquisitions, and management.  Until the day he got the call from the mother of his child he never wanted anything else.  No wife, no children, no family.  He did do a small amount of dating and his share of sleeping around. 
     Now it’s all about Alexander fulltime and work the rest.  He was lucky because his grandmother a fantastic business woman provided a nursery within the company.  To make her employees more at easy, them happy, and productive.  Which worked all the way around.  Most of all it made her happy to have her son at work.  Which it is still going strong today.

     See how these two make this change in their lives a positive experience instead of a negative.  See how two babies surround in fear are brought into love.  Cute story.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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