"What I need most right now is a wife."

But can their convenient marriage turn into forever? Solitaire Saunders will do anything to save her family's cafe—even marry enigmatic billionaire Xavier McQueen! As his contracted bride, she's there to secure Xavier's inheritance—not to enjoy his delicious kisses... It's only meant to be temporary until the pretense of being married starts to feel passionately real! 

First kiss:

You make such a gorgeous couple,’ the woman said, beaming at the two of them. ‘You should do a photo with the two of you kissing. I always think they’re the nicest ones to have displayed.’
There was a small pause where neither of them reacted.
‘Er…yes, good idea,’ Soli said a little too loudly beside him and he felt her slip her arm around his back and lean in towards him, giving him a slightly awkward cuddle.
For a moment he stiffened under her touch before realizing how odd that would seem to the small group that were looking at them intently now.
Without allowing himself to think about it, he slid his hand against her jaw, tipped her head towards him and kissed her fully on the mouth.
She drew in a small, breathy gasp, but didn’t pull away, instead sinking into the kiss and wrapping her arms tightly around his waist as he instinctively opened his mouth against hers. The soft, flowery scent of her enveloped his senses and he breathed her in deeply, struck by the distinctiveness of her taste and smell.
Her lips were so soft and perfectly pliant he experienced the strangest sensation that they were somehow made to perfectly fit with his. His stomach swooped at the thought and he became aware of something deep inside him—long buried—beginning to stir.
Sensation fizzed along his veins, causing his breath to shorten and his heart to pound against his chest.
Oh, Lord, that’s not good.
Pulling abruptly away, he didn’t dare look her in the eye again in case she saw even a hint of the heavy need that now pulsed through him. ‘Was that okay? Did you get it?’ he asked Russell, who was standing behind the camera looking at the two of them with an odd expression on his face.
‘Yes, perfect. I got it,’ his friend replied, quickly rearranging his features into a smile.
Xavier’s stomach twisted as he realized that the spark he’d felt between them had outwardly showed. Not that that was necessarily a bad thing. At least to Hugo, it would have looked as though they were genuinely attracted to each other.
When he glanced back at Soli he noticed she looked as bewildered as he felt and his stomach knotted even tighter.

A diamond for Christmas 

Flora Morgan is determined to honor her best friend’s dying wish, even if it means relocating to England and accepting the challenge to try to fix Alex Trevelyan’s, broken heart.
Except brooding musician Alex, her best friend’s brother isn’t interested in Flora’s help. She may be beautiful, but he’s no charity case! Until it becomes clear that he isn’t the only one who needs saving. And perhaps he’s the key to showing this beautiful breath of fresh air that love can be found in the most unexpected of places!

To my darling Flora—confidante, cheerleader, and anchor to my universe,

So, this is weird, right? Me speaking to you from the grave. But I wanted to get all my thoughts down on paper because I knew I’d get all choked up and make a mess of it if I tried to say it out loud. So here goes…
      I know this is a lot to ask, but please don’t be too sad now that I’ve gone. I feel as though I’ve made peace with what’s happened to me and I’d hate to think of my passing as something that would hold you back from living your own life to the full. I’ve had a good and happy existence. All twenty-eight of my years have been blessed with love and wonderful experiences and my life’s been all the better for having you in it, Flora.
      I’m so proud of you for all that you’ve achieved. I always knew you’d be successful in whatever you did, but your drive and determination have astounded even me. I know you probably won’t take a minute to step back and see the enormity of what you’ve accomplished but get this: you truly are an incredible person, as well as the kindest, most generous woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
      Which leads me on to two favours I have to ask of you, Flora. Firstly, and I know it’s a biggie, please look out for Alex now that I’m not around to do it anymore. As you know, I was the only family he had left and I hate to think of him being alone in the world. He wouldn’t admit it—I think he was trying to protect my last few weeks on earth so they’d be stress-free—but I think someone broke his heart recently and he’s really hurting.
      Secondly, check your breasts for lumps EVERY DAY. Or, even better, get a gorgeous sex-god to do it for you *wink*. Don’t make the same mistake I did and shrug cancer off as something that happens to someone else. Someone older. Or less busy.
      You have such a good heart, Flora. You deserve to be happy, so go easy on yourself, okay?

I love you.
Your best friend forever,

      FLORA MORGAN CAUGHT the tear on her finger before it fell onto the precious, now rather crumpled, piece of paper she clutched in her hand. She’d carried the letter around with her ever since it had dropped through her letterbox nearly a month ago, and she’d taken it out regularly since then to read it, hoping to conjure Amy’s spirit during her weaker moments.
      She missed her friend so much it made her heart physically ache. She had no idea how she was going to live her life without having Amy around, always ready to jolly her out of a funk and lift her spirits with one of her rousing pep talks. But she was going to have to. Because her best friend was gone.

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