AUTUMN VOWS (Return to Me #2)

AUTUMN VOWS                                 ELISE K. ACKERS

Olivia “Lawless” Law is back ...

The only thing that could get Olivia back to her childhood home of Denman is a call from her best friend. Sam is planning a wedding, and Olivia agrees to help. But from the moment she arrives, nothing goes to plan. Sam's got cold feet. The town's people are apparently never going to forgive and forget Olivia's Big Mistake. And Sam's big brother Cal - Olivia's first crush and the town's sole pub owner - is all grown up now, with a heart as scarred as her own.

Liv can't wait to get back to her life - far away from this judgemental town - but Sam's dug her heels in, which means Liv's spending a lot of time with Denman's favorite publican. Can Liv get her best friend down the aisle and win the town's forgiveness? And when it comes to Cal, can go back still mean moving forward?

    When your heart finds it’s happy it knows.  But sometimes our brains and outside influences can guide us in totally different directions.  As is the case for Caleb O’Hara who lost his heart at a young age to his younger sister’s best friend Olivia Law.
     Samantha (Sam) and Olivia (Liv) were like sisters.  You see Liv was an only child.  So, she spent a lot of time at the O’Hara’s house.  To the point where Cal left his window unlocked at night so she could crawl through to get to Sam’s room.  His crush was so big that he lived for those nights because Liv was always one with a story filled with some adventure or something.  Sometimes it was almost too much so he would act like he was asleep so he would be on overload.
     But when the day came that Liv’s family was shunned from their small town for an accident caused by Liv trying to be nice.  He wished with all his heart that he could have back all those nights he acted like he was asleep.  She was no longer twelve and eighteen years had passed.
     Cal was now picking up a woman not a girl from the train station for his sister, Sam.  Because she would be marrying his best friend, Ethan.  Liv was coming to help her plan her wedding.  Even though they lived apart they remained forever best friends.  Sam had always gone to the other side of Australia to see Liv.  This will be the first time that Liv has been home since that one unfortunate day.
     Cal just hoped the hometown crowd he loves so much will give her a better welcome home experience than they gave to Ethan when he came back.  Well, he could only hope, anyway. 
     Upon seeing each other they were pleasantly surprised just by the smiles they each had on their faces that were for sure.  But they were each very guarded for sure.  A lot of chit chat but not a lot about each other’s personal lives.  Both had been hurt in past relationships neither wanting to show their hand.
     See how this couple along with a house full of all their closest family, friends, and neighbors with long memories bring this couple closer than they ever dreamed possible.  Watch as past hurts become the things that heal each other’s hearts and plant seeds toward a new future.
     I totally enjoyed this book.  The characters are people you hope for in your own life.  They were well round and fun.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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