THE PERFECT CATCH: Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie

THE PERFECT CATCH                          CASSIDY CARRER

In the small town of Parker Falls, Jessica Parker spends her time serving pie and coming up with ideas to save the failing diner she inherited from her grandfather. A single mom to eight-year-old Wesley, she has enough to keep her busy well into the future. But when her old high school love, Chase Taynor, unexpectedly pops up, Jess finds herself thinking not of the future but of her past with the handsome professional baseball player. 

After a few bad pitches leave his dream career in limbo, Chase slides back home to Parker Falls…although the town may not be as safe as he’d expected. As Jess and Chase reconnect, old feelings return in a major-league way. 

With the possibility that Chase could return to the baseball diamond at any time, will their reunion be worth the risk to their hearts? Or will it be déjà vu all over again, with Chase choosing the limelight over the woman he loved before the fame? 

The book contains a free original recipe for Bacon & White Cheddar Burgers with Spicy Mustard Relish. 

A very good book about a baseball pitcher Chase Taynor, who gave up the winning runs in the last years biggest game. He is now back in his hometown. He now needs to fix his relationship with his father and he may have an outside chance with his high school sweetheart. Jessica Parker is now running her family’s dinner but it is barely hanging on. Now she is trying to save her dinner and more importantly raise her son. When she is at the ballpark one day trying to help him when they hear a hooking car horn and there is Chase Taynor. Her son talks his way into Chase helping him in learning to play baseball, and from there the story takes off and it turns out that is the beginning of a very good book. The characters and the story are so much more than the movie, and because this is a book you get a much better look at each character and what they are thinking. You also get a very good epilogue that puts a very good finish on the story that was not given to you if you saw the movie. Overall this was a very good book with good characters. Worth the read. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars.
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