Don't Let Him Go (I Want Morrison #1)

DON'T LET HIM GO                                       KAY HARRIS

Candace Gleason passed the bar, landed a great job, and is making a killer salary—basically, all of her dreams are coming true. Until she’s assigned to keep the boss’s petulant son out of trouble. 
Jack Morrison is the rebellious black sheep of a mighty real estate family. He runs a nonprofit whose mission is to save poor people from evil corporations, like the one his own family owns. He is obnoxious, ridiculously charming, and insanely hot. He is the bane of Candace’s very existence. 
Sparks fly from the moment they meet. Candace suddenly has more to worry about than keeping Jack out of jail. She has to keep him out of her heart.


A wonderful story about two people fighting really what their parents are or at least their presumptions. Candace Gleason has passed the bar and is working for a top law firm in San Francisco, her parents have always been activists and they are famous. They are also lawyers but do not work for any top law firms. Now having the job she has wanted she is hoping to climb the ladder. Her first high profile job is babysitting the boss’s eldest son Jack Morrison, who everyone feels is the black sheep of the family. He has taken his trust fund and is using it against the corporations like his fathers who go in the inner city and displace families giving them nowhere else to move. The reason he does this when he tells Candace really sets the story apart from other books. He is happy she is working with him and his nonprofit company, but does not make easy for her in the beginning. It begins to become dicey when the both of them start to act on the feelings they have for one another and then on top of everything she feels like she betrayed him, but not really. She does something that no other women had ever done and that was track him down, and let me tell you it was not easy. He was not in the U.S. For me I liked the story and the author did a good job of not making you feel or at least me feel like it was a multicultural story, being in one myself I did not pick up on anything and I thought that the writing and the characters, from the lead to even Jack’s sectary were all well-defined. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at (

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