Rad-Reader:  Was there an inspiration for this story or just a story that you created on your own?

Kadie:  I grew up in Texas and love stories that involve Texas, close-knit families and communities, and (of course) sexy cowboys. 

Rad-Reader:  I don’t know about other readers, but you hooked me when Cash came out of his thinking in the store and did not see Sophia his daughter, as a parent we all have been there.  Was that your hook for the story?  Or just me?

Kadie:  This was the first scene I pictured actually. At the time, my own kiddos were about Sophia's age, and I love writing her, using them as inspiration.

Rad-Reader:  How were you able to keep all of the character’s storylines separate?

Kadie:  Partly because the characters practically become real to me. I picture them very specifically. But I also keep a spreadsheet with details that I've put on paper about each, to make sure I keep their voices consistent.

Rad-Reader:  Did you find it difficult with the Holly character as to how she would look to Cash after helping Marcus?

Kadie:  This was a big struggle because I wanted to make her decisions both hard and relatable. And I wanted Cash's reaction to being real. My editor at Tule helped a lot with suggestions that made that conflict more visceral.

Rad-Reader:  Did you find it easier to write the Georgia character since she was deceased?

Kadie:  Almost harder actually, because without her there, we only see her through character's memories and perceptions. I actually don't think of Georgia as a bad person, just someone who made bad decisions when she was relatively young.

Rad-Reader:  When you were telling the story did you know to add a personal one form one of the characters?

Kadie:  Characters and their development is my favorite part of writing. I love thinking of ways to make them real and make readers love them. Personal stories, even incorporating some of my own, are one of my preferred ways to do that.

Rad-Reader:  As you were writing this story or others, do you naturally make little add-ons like, “Holly lifted her beat-up Justin cowboy hat” it’s a little something that caught my eye reading since we live on a country town.

Kadie:  I do try to add details like that here and there. Too much it can drag the story down, but I want the story to feel authentic. It gets a little tricky with some stories. For example, while I grew up in Texas, the town I'm from is a bit of a combination of suburbia and country. I grew up in the suburbia side, and so don't have much direct experience with the countryside. I rely on research and talking to my friends who are ranchers or grew up on ranches to help provide little details like that. :)

Rad-Reader:  When did you know to reveal the whole story about Georgia?

Kadie:  The amount of time it would take Marcus to sue for custody and how long that process can take actually dictated where in the book I revealed Georgia's story. 

Rad-Reader:  Did you use an outline when you write?  Or do you just start writing?

Kadie:  I'm a bit of both. Plotter and pantser. I outline key moments for the story and where I want those to happen, and then I start writing. The writing might move or change my original outline, but it helps me get from point A to point B.

Rad-Reader:  Was this a story you had been wanting to write or just the progression for you?

Kadie:  This was the first contemporary romance I wrote though not first published (I've been writing paranormal romance under the pen name Abigail Owen for a while). This was a story I couldn't wait to write, although it went through many incarnations, which is why it took so long to publish. Once I wrote it, I couldn't wait to write Cash's siblings' stories.

Rad-Reader:  Follow-up – I ask because I read the Attraction Equation and the different settings and the Equation had more moments of fun?

Kadie:  They are different, that's for sure. Attraction Equation is my romantic comedy line--set in New York City, and a lot more fun. Saving the Sheriff is sweeter, more serious, and more emotional. I love writing both ways, plus my paranormal romance which tends to be more snarky. The different genres give me lots of characters and situations to get lost in.

Rad-Reader:  Did you come up with either Holly or Georgia separately or were they created together to go with this story in mind?

Kadie:  I came up with Holly and Cash first. Georgia came naturally after that as a source of both connection and conflict between them.

Rad-Reader:  Was it always your plan to have Holly’s brother and sister show up, or was that something that just came when you were writing?

Kadie:  It was always the plan to have forgiveness between them, but having them show up just came out in the writing. It felt right for Cash to do that for her.

Rad-Reader:  Having Holly and her two horses Solario and Mischief go out to Cash’s family ranch was that always part of the story or did you come up with that idea later?

Kadie:  That was just me having fun with one of my favorite animals. I WISH I was some amazing horsewoman, so when I get to live that through my writing, I take advantage. ;)

Rad-Reader:  Do you have a special place to write or just anywhere is good for you?

Kadie:  I write anywhere I get the chance to write. Mostly in my office at home, but I move around the house - the kitchen counter, the couch, in bed, in the car. My favorite spot is my treadmill desk so I can walk and write at the same time.

Rad-Reader:  Do you choose the book or stories you want to write or are you having to write ones because of an agreement with a publisher?

Kadie:  A bit of both. I started out self-published, so those were all me. Most of my stories I go to my publishers with. However, I have a good relationship with my editors and some of my stories they come to me with now. I love writing all of them!

Rad-Reader:  Are you going to write any more books that go along with the Attraction Equation or are you done with that?

Kadie:  There is eventually supposed to be the third book in that series. However, it's currently on hold while I meet some other contracts. I'd love to write that last story though, so eventually!

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you like to play…

Cash:  Bradley Cooper


Rad-Reader:  What is the day you knew within yourself that this writing thing, LOL, was really going to work?

Kadie:  I still don't know. Lol. So far it's been little things. Readers who weren't family or friends who have become fans. Getting my first contract. Getting every contract after that. Finding an agent. Each step along the way leads me further down the path. :)

Rad-Reader:  How long did it take you to get your very first book published once you put your mind to it?

Kadie:  Once I decided to publish, I went the self-publishing route. I'd written the book (Blue Violet) about 5 years earlier. I found myself an editor and a cover designer. I started in May and published in August of 2012. More traditional publishing took another 2 years to get my first contract. Those were both under my paranormal romance pen name Abigail Owen. Contemporary romance took longer. I finished the first version of Saving the Sheriff in 2014, but didn't find a publisher until 2017. It went through a LOT of iterations and is a very different book from how it started (a much better book!). 

Rad-Reader:  Was it a standalone or a series?

Kadie:  Blue Violet is part of my 4-book Svatura series written under my paranormal romance pen name Abigail Owen.

Rad-Reader:  What is your favorite food?

Kadie:  Chocolate!

Rad-Reader:  Meal first of dessert if the world were going to end? LOL?

Kadie:  Dessert. Every time!

Rad-Reader:  What would be your favorite genre of music?

Kadie:  I don't have one. I love almost every genre out there. I tend to write to more club/dance music because I write while I walk on my treadmill and the beat helps.

Rad-Reader:  Your favorite type of fashion vintage, runway, etc.….?

Kadie:  Comfortable. Lol. 

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Kadie:  I have several in the mix. As Kadie, the next books in my Hills of Texas series are in the hopper. Resisting the Rancher (Will's story) comes out April 24th. So that one's soon!

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?

Kadie:  All eBook retailers. 

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?


  1. Kadie,
    We would like to thank you for being with us tonight and for your understanding during this trying time in our life. You have been so kind. To us and our backward thoughts and my lateness getting some of your things out to you so thank you so much. You are the best. Pat wants to thank you for answering all of his questions also.

    1. Thank you so much for hosting such a fun interview, and for reading my books! :) I am heartbroken for you. My thoughts and prayers and hugs are with you in such a difficult time.


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