A Soldier's Song (A Veteran's Heart #3)

A SOLDIERS SONG                                        IRENE ONORATO

All Special Forces sergeant Jason Dexter ever wanted was to serve his country—with his father’s blessing. Although the elder Dexter has yet to make his peace with his son’s decision, Jason has no regrets. Still, he has mixed feelings about returning to his upstate New York town. But his perspective changes at a friend’s wedding, where he meets a lovely, gifted musician. Now Jason has a new mission: to get to know Aria Greco better. 

The daughter of Jason’s commanding officer, Aria dreams of becoming a concert pianist. Meeting the handsome soldier transforms both their lives. But Aria’s ambition, Jason’s unresolved family conflicts, and jealousy over rivals on both sides soon threatens their blossoming relationship. As Jason prepares for a dangerous deployment, will the mounting tensions tear them apart, or is their love—and the faith they share—powerful enough to heal the past and embrace the future?


Aria has always wanted to meet her father’s team, now being able to play the piano at one of their weddings she is able to do just that. What she was not expecting was to be attracted to one of them. Sargent Jason Dexter is blown away by the piano player and by her looks as well. When he finds out that she is his commanding officers' daughter he decides to lead with his heart and see if there is any sort of possibility of them dating. When she agrees they find out that they have a lot of the same likes. The problem turns out to be with his father and the reasons behind those. A good story with wonderful characters and a good story. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com (less)

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