No Angel (Louisiana Lawmen #3)

NO ANGEL                                                       MALLORY KANE

Alexandra Tyler is on the run. She married her college sweetheart, but soon discovered a dark side to him that she’d never seen before. Hoping to find refuge and start a new life, she moves to New Orleans. But bad luck follows and she finds herself barely escaping an abduction. Before she knows it, she’s entangled in the search for a serial killer.

FBI Special Agent Danny DeLuca is on the trail of an infamous serial killer. There have been nine victims in nine months, one during each New Moon. But the tenth victim, Alexandra Tyler, escapes, giving Danny the first break he’s had in the case. His job is to protect her and catch the killer, but as danger closes in, Danny must guard his heart in order to keep her safe.

While the killer continues to commit the almost perfect crime, Danny and Allie are forced to work together, while also resisting the other’s charms. If they give in to their escalating attraction, it could be the death of both of them.


A good book that has action, suspense, some mystery, and a love story. Alexandra Tyler has moved to New Orleans to get away from her ex-husband. Now though she was taken from the streets of New Orleans but escaped. Danny DeLuca is an FBI agent looking for a serial killer and believes that Alexandra has been the first person to escape. He now goes to New Orleans to work with the police and her to see what he can put together to make his theory fact. Along the way he must try not to act on any feelings he has for her, and when he must leave and go to another town in another part of the country following the case, he finds himself torn between duty and feelings he does not think he should be having. Together they must work out his feelings that he is having for her and also work the case. A very good story about a by the book agent and a women who thought she was away from trouble. Good characters and just enough mystery and suspense to keep the story moving along. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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