This is something all writers & readers should be aware of.  Not just romance writers.
Check out #cockygate on Twitter. Lawyers. Athletes, Music artist all write books TOO. What if someone got it in their head to TM a word that has been around for decades like “football”, “law”, “music”? 
     I think you catch my drift. I'm not a published author yet but thanks RWA & Kevin for standing up for ALL AUTHORS across the board really NOT just romance writers. You rock.    Part one link I did include also because you will find that just amazing to see what it has cost some of the authors that she (Who will remain nameless) has sent her little letters to saying she would sue if they just followed her letter.  
    Then, it wouldn't cost them anything, referring to going to court.  Really?  Because the list included seems like a whole lot to me.  Just looking at the list beyond just writing my books has already scared the shit out of me. (Just kidding known it's coming) but still.  Not the point.
   At first, when I kept seeing #cockygate over and over on Twitter I thought it was a joke we are funny like that.  But as I started to research it more and to check it out.  This got serious fast.  Does this go to the point of being petty and not being able to use that word in the body of our work now too? I mean, really?  What does it all mean?  Straight talk for the average person no lawyer talk?  Here it is a start enjoy the read I did...

Link to Cocky Gate Part One:

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