A SECRET BETWEEN FRIENDS (Between the Sheets #1)


Carrying out the goals on someone else’s Bucket List might seem like an odd thing to do, but for Genie, it’s the perfect way to honor her best friend, Ciara, who died in the bomb blast that blew up the Army truck carrying them both across Afghanistan. Genie’s come home to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand to rest her injured knee, and she hopes that by fulfilling Ciara’s list of wishes she can also heal the grief and guilt that goes deeper than her physical wound. Spending some time with Ciara’s gorgeous big brother just happens to be an added bonus. 

Niall Brennan has always been attracted to Genie, but when he offers to join in with the Bucket List idea, he tells himself it’s purely out of a desire to pay homage to his sister. That’s fine when the first goal they pick at random is taking cooking lessons. It becomes less easy to hide his desire when they spend an afternoon on a nudist beach, and by the time they take part in the body painting event, Niall has no chance of keeping his desire a secret. Luckily, Genie reciprocates his feelings—a hundred and ten percent, and soon it’s not only the weather that turns hot and sultry. 

Conscious that Niall’s mother, Sinead, blames Genie for her daughter’s death, they decide to keep their sizzling but brief fling just a secret between friends. But although Genie’s knee is on the mend, her emotional wounds refuse to heal. Sinead continues to refuse to forgive her, and even Ciara reaches out from beyond the grave to warn Genie against dating her big brother. 

The final wish on Ciara’s Bucket List brings everything to a head. Genie knows she has to end the fling. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and besides, Niall has other ideas… 

Warning: this sweet and sexy romance is best read with a fan on standby. Adults only.


     This was an unusual family dynamic that made the pain that plagued all involved, all the more.
     You see when Genie Sharpe’s mom passed away when she was just six-years-old she was struck with such grief.  Her mom’s best friend Sinead Brennan decided to help out Genie’s father by taking Genie in.  While he cared for just his two boys Beck and Jonah.  She felt it would help her daughter Ciara too since she and Genie were best friends.
     Although, they were in two different places they all stayed close.  She grew up with Ciara’s brother’s Finn and Niall.  At some point, she noticed Niall as more than just a brother figure and her lifelong crush began.  She even at fourteen got a kiss from him who was eighteen, but then he walked away never mentioning it ever again.  The next time she sees him he had a girlfriend who was a real piece of work.
     She was thin, redhead, grey eyes, and very beautiful.  But an A-1 bitch.  If that’s what he wanted more power to him she figured.  The best place for her after her encounter with them was the Army.  So, after high school she enlisted, so did, Ciara.  She never encouraged her that was of her own choice.  Yet, everyone even Niall was blaming her.  Like she forced her. 
     She wouldn’t and couldn’t do that even if she wanted to.  Ciara knew her own mind.  The accident that sends her home shook her to her core.  But it also lost her, her best friend.  To the point where she was back to counting her beads on her wrist to soothe her.  The anxiety was enough to kill her with the lack of good sleep she is a walking zombie.
     Everyone was okay with her being at home except for Ciara’s mom and basically her second mom Sinead.  She was blaming her for Ciara being bombed and killed.  Making her feel worse than before.  She decides in Ciara’s honor she would do the things that Ciara had on her “bucket list.”
     When Niall finds out that there is a bucket list he decides that he wants to go with Genie and complete that bucket list with her.  You see he had broken up with his girlfriend because he knew that he had feelings for Genie.  When his ex-had started talking marriage and children, it wasn’t her he saw her he saw them with.
     He had even told Ciara about the breakup.  She had never told Genie.  There were secrets that Ciara had kept from her.  Find out what other secrets have been kept from friends, enemies, and family.  See how they make their relationship come together.  How Genie finally works through the present moving onto her dreams of the future.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provide by netgalley.com.  Follow us at


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