TO BE OR NOT TO BE: THE ACTORS (The New York Artists)


Jenna Joyce has the opportunity of a lifetime: to play Ophelia in an off-Broadway production of Hamlet starring the hot daytime drama bad boy, Trevor Hughes. She desperately needs this job to save her family and herself. The problem is Jenna can’t stand Trevor.

Trevor Hughes is tired of his villainous Caspian Locke character and flashy soap opera life. He’d love to give it all up and go back to his gritty acting roots, but he can’t, his sister and nephew rely on him to pay their exorbitant medical bills.

When Trevor and Jenna manage to build an offstage relationship, the futures of their families as well as themselves are threatened and Jenna panics. But even if Trevor can overcome his challenges, can he free Jenna from hers? And will he ever be able to prove to her that, despite all obstacles, their love is meant to be?

     Totally enjoyed this book of the novice actor in her first paid production in an off-Broadway play of Hamlet.  Jenna Joyce’s only regret is that it is being put on by well-known soap opera star Trevor Hughes.
     You see after her father passed he was supped to do a charity event that would have made her efforts count and he backed out and for that, she can’t forgive him.  You see she has given herself one year to make it in N.Y. so this job could be her last-ditch effort to stay in the city she loves, doing what she loves.
     She has been studying under one of the most renowned coaches around taken from the beginner’s class to the professional’s class.  She is what some would call a purist or a grunge to keep her art real.  Others would just say no she is just embracing being poor.  Which for the most part is a true statement because she pays her rent and then sends money home to help out.  So, food is not high on her list.
     When she shows on the first day she is sassy and a know it all.  But once they all know about her training history with Don and his classes, they want her.  Even more to try out.  When she and Trevor play off each other it’s hot and there are fireworks for sure.
     Then she blows up in his face when he picks her up in the middle of the scene without telling her.  Like she is a rag doll, she is so mad she ends up at Don’s her elderly coach’s theater.  He is a man well in his nineties. She spouts all that has happened.  He was not surprised.  She figures they called to check for sure about his teaching her.  Once they talked she knew she had fences to mend.
     Trevor, he liked her before she even opened her mouth.  She brought with her a certain amount of energy that screamed I’m here.  Then, when she acts, she grabs your attention that says watch me and you won’t be able to turn away.  For him that was true.  Plus, she is just gorgeous.  She is so young, at least ten years younger than him.  Yet, she was all woman.  With all the right curves in that tiny petite body and the sass to go with it.

     He laughed with the view he had of her at the catered food table shoveling in the amount of food in that tiny little body.  It made him want to take care of and protect her.  Keep her well and nourished.  Yet, Maggie his fake girlfriend per his boss her father, might not like that.  See where that goes.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  

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