A Christmas to Remember: Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie


Jennifer needs a break. The perfectionist TV star heads to a mountain retreat for a restful, relaxing holiday. But when she gets caught in a blizzard and crashes her car, Jennifer is left with more than a wreck; she’s left with amnesia. 

John, a small-town veterinarian and single dad, finds the confused Jennifer wandering on the road. He’s used to taking care of others; he’s built for this. When he takes her in, he and his children give her more than shelter…they try to help her figure out who she is. 

As Jennifer and John make new memories, their connection to one another grows. But how can they even think about romance when they don’t know her true identity? 


A story from a Hallmark movie. This is about a women Jennifer who is from New York and has a T.V. food show, really like a food and home show. Needing a break from not just the show but from the people around her, she goes on a trip to Colorado. This would be good except for the problem of a storm coming in and she losses her GPS, and then crashes. When she comes to she starts to walk not realizing she is in the middle of a highway. She is discovered by John and his son. Taken to his home it is there that she finds out that she does not know her name. The rest of the book is Jennifer bonding with John and his three children, and the two of them working on finding out who she is. John who is a widow is also trying nicely to ward off one of the single ladies in town while he finds himself falling for Jennifer. The real question is once her memory comes back will she stay or go back to New York? Read this nice fun story to find out. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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