A RING FOR ROSIE                           MAGGIE WELLS

Once burned, this father of twins is twice shy until he realizes the right woman is the
charm . . .
James Harper is a great dad, but a lousy judge of women—as evidenced by his twin boys’ flighty mother, who walked out when the babies were just six weeks old. He’s got fatherhood down, but dating is another story—especially when the twins’ mom shows up any time she needs something. His office manager, Rosie Herrera, is the one woman he can count on, actually talk to, flirt with, and . . . come to think of it, has he been overlooking the perfect woman all this time?
Rosie’s been in love with James since her first day on the job, but she’s certain he only sees her as a reliable employee—until one heated kiss changes everything. And then James’s ex shows up, and walks right into his life again. Determined to move on, Rosie tries to forget everything she feels about James—by doing her best to fall for someone else. But James isn’t about to make the same mistake twice. To woo Rosie this time, he needs to prove they’re made for 
each other . . . forever.

     Rosie Herrera started working for three best friends James Harper, Mike Simmons, and Colm Cleary to form Trident Security.  They even stayed friends when James crossed the line and had sex with Megan, Mike’s younger sister.
     As a result of their union, they created twin boys now four Jeff and Jamie.  But Megan had no hand in raising them she bailed at her six-week post-partum exam.  Leaving James Sr. to care for them alone.
     When they hired Rosie everyone could see the chemistry flying both ways between, James and her.  But Mike and Colm told him flat out to keep it in his pants and not mess it up for the business.  Rosie is fantastic at her job and for sure they don’t need or want to lose her.  As the years rolled by her love for James grew but now for his boys, it has become even stronger.
     So, when she volunteers to use his car to go pick up his boys from his mom’s place since he has a late meeting.  James is grateful and so glad to see her, that when she walks up to get him he kisses her.  Shocking them both to where it makes him totally uncomfortable.  He’s not up to talking about it.  So, she figures after a night of tears she would need to clear the air.
     Instead, she comes to work to find out that Megan showed up on his doorstep in front of the boys so that he couldn’t turn her away.  He’s given her two weeks to get her act together.  She loses it takes off to Georgie’s Bakery and asked for one of her penis’ cookies so she could bite off the head off.  Georgie offers another with a drink to wash it down.
     They have a bonding moment. Georgie confronts her with the truth of her frustration and meltdown.  Knowing it has to do with ‘Maddening Megan.’  Because Megan had tried and almost succeeded in breaking up Mike and Georgie.  Poor Mike feels torn for she’s his baby sister but she walked out on her babies and she’s a con artist.
     Where Mike is with a successful business-woman who is a great baker too, with a bakery.  Colm is with a financial wizard mogul and James is a good father.  Then there is her Rosie, she is a woman who put her self through school.  She has 2 years at community college and a bachelors of art in business management from the University of Illinois-Chicago.  Took her night classes after work to do it for six long years but she did it.
     All the guys, as well as her family, were so proud of her.   That the guys made her do the walk to get her diploma.  After which they threw her a party.  Her mom still talks about how nice they all are.  She had a great deal to be proud of.  Graduating from college and her job and how valuable she is to the team at Trident.
     But with the promise made to Colm and Mike.  James felt like his hands were tied.  So, that small uneventful kiss which meant something to them both went not even talked about because it had to be headed a big mistake.  Although, in both their hearts the connection was stronger.  But now it opened Rosie’s eyes to the fact James would never see her in the way she sees him.
     Time to cut her losses and see what other fish were out there and biting.  Time to find the men that would want her for her.  James was not pleased by her new decision.  Rosie felt she needed to find a way to forget James.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.

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