OUTBACK BRIDES: MAGGIE'S RUN (Outback Brides Book 1)


Maggie Walker has never called Wirra Station home. Orphaned as a child, she spent more time at boarding school, and then working in the city, than she ever spent on the edge of the outback. But when her great aunt dies, Maggie inherits everything and reluctantly returns to tidy the place up before selling.

Ambitious cowboy-next-door Max O’Connor has the means and the desire to buy Wirra Station outright and return it to its former glory. But first, he wants elusive Maggie Walker to know what she’s giving up. He challenges her to live at Wirra Station for three months—with him as farm manager. Just one season–and if she still doesn’t love the place, he’ll gladly pay up and she can be cashed-up and careless, with no ties to anything or anyone.

Three months. Two hearts. One Summer. Roll on.

     An extremely hard to get close to loner of a woman who lived on a well-known sheep farm passes away and the last of the Walker family is left it all, Maggie.  She has never had any real good memories of Wirra Station, Australia.  No thanks to her aunt who took her in when her parents died and she disliked that she was made to take her in and care for her.
     You see when Maggie was twelve she and her parents were on their way to visit her aunt who her dad loved a great deal.  Her dad missed a bend in the road and crashed the car.  Their aunt’s neighbor’s son, Max, happened to be out near the area and was able to pry her out of the wreck before the ball of fire took over the car in a ball of flames.  Taking her parents from her.
     She fought him to get away to try to go save her parents but he restrained her to keep her safe.  Something she could never forgive him for, for a long time.  When she eventually did it was too late the pattern of arguing with Max O’Connor had been set.  More like a banter really.
     He had this way of using his blue eyes to stare a hole right through her.  But he was always her protector too.  She did have a lot of good memories also.  She went off to college in Melbourne and saw no reason to come home all that often when she knew her aunt never liked her to begin with.  Her aunt was an odd fish and there was no love loss there so why pretend.
     She did suffer from PTSD over her guilt of not dying in that crash too.  Yet, she was grateful she was alive.  Her people skills thanks to her aunt left much to be desired.  Even her interactions with men lacked a connection.
     So, coming back to Wirra came with still surprises the biggest being Max.  He was still around and he was willing to buy the place lock stock and barrel.  With conditions.  Making her feel he might be sweet on her.  How could that be?  Because putting them in a room together and they were taking pot shots at each other.
     But when he spoke his voice was low and sexy.  So smooth it could melt butter.  He had never been hard on the eyes ever which had only gotten better with time.  Yet, when he looked at her there was always a split second of pain, longing and a lot of lust.

     See how these two neighbors resolve past pains they never spoke about since that horrible night.  See if they have more in common then not.  See if there is more to their relationship that the bantering they do so well.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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