All-American Cowboy (Holiday, Texas #1)

ALL-AMERICAN COWBOY                           DYLANN CRUSH

Holiday, Texas is known far and wide as the most celebratory town in the South--and no shindig is complete without one of its founding members. It's a real shame the last remaining Holiday is a city slicker, but what's that old saying about putting lipstick on a pig...?

Beck has no intention of being charmed by some crazy Texas town, but the minute he lays eyes on his grandfather's old honky tonk--and Charlie Walker, the beautiful cowgirl who runs it--he finds himself wishing things could be different. Life's gentler in Holiday. Slower. More real than anything he's ever known. And when he looks into Charlie's eyes, Beck may finally discover what it's like to truly belong.


A funny story that has a city slick Beck Holiday finding out that his grandfather who he had never met left him a bar, property and a home in Holiday Texas. His father who ran away from the town when he turned eighteen was skipped over. Now traveling to this town to find out what everything is about, Beck is about to have his world turned upside down. Frist by a pig “Pulled Pork” and then by Charlie Walker who he thinks is a guy, but no is a woman and has been running the Honkey Tonk for his grandfather for the past five years. When he thinks he can do a better job and she walks out, he is greeted by the sheriff who just happens to be one of her brothers. This is just one of many problems that his MBA will not work in Texas. It's just taken him awhile to figure everything out. When he does start figuring out things he may just end up losing the bar, the town and most importantly the woman. He must fix it and hold off his father also, a very fun book with really good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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