BE MINE, SWEETHEART (Something Borrowed) by Codi Gary (Goodreads Author)

BE MINE, SWEETHEART                                   CODI GARY


Kelly Barrow, the founder of Something Borrowed, didn’t get the happily ever after she counted on, but she considers herself fortunate anyway. After all, she has a thriving business and a loving family and friends. Yet ten years after her heartbreak, surrounded by couples in love, she knows it’s time to move on—and the gorgeous actor who hires her for his sister’s wedding seems like the perfect opportunity. There’s just one problem. Her best friend and legal counsel, Christian Ryan, keeps getting in her way . . .

Chris has been a shoulder to lean on since they were kids, and Kelly never expected him to interfere in her dating life. She doesn’t realize that over the years, Chris’s feelings have grown beyond friendship. The timing just never seemed right—until now. And as the two of them work through the wedding’s inevitable surprises and disasters, Kelly begins to wonder if she’s been looking for love in the exact wrong place . . .

     A story of two best friends who fell in love with the same girl at the age of fourteen.  Yet, one called dibs before the other.  Being the good friend/bother he had always been there for Ray and vice-versa.  He knew how unsure of himself Ray was when it came to girls.  So, when Ray asked Chris for a favor of asking Kelly to go with Ray and him to go get ice cream, he did it.  Chris couldn’t say, no.
     Kelly being the spitfire she is said, No!  That if Ray wanted to ask her out he could come and ask himself.  So, later that day he did just that.  Sending them all out for a fun afternoon of ice cream and laughter.  From that day on they were a couple and the three were the Musketeers.  The trio bonded and no one could break them except that bastard, death.
     At twenty-one, Kelly was a widow without ever being married.  It took Chris coming home from college grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her, letting her know she wasn’t the only one grieving, and that was the breakthrough to healing.  From college, he helped her form that partnership of the business Something Borrowed.  When he came back to open his law practice he became their personal counsel for contracts. 
     Now ten years have passed and Kelly wants to finally start dating.  Even doing a profile on an online dating site.  Chris wasn’t sure how he felt about that but he knew it had shaken his foundation.  He couldn’t understand why he shouldn’t be happy for her he was in a relationship not one hundred percent committed but nice.  That is until the good doctor dumps him because of his too close of a relationship with Kelly as the biggest factor.
     But when he is to take some contracts over to Kelly’s and meet the Scottish actor they both enjoy who was going to be hiring her to put on his sister’s wedding and he walks in.  The feelings he gets are odd and off.  He’s running late so he just walks in and it surprises him that Kelly’s cheeks are flushed, she’s giggling (she never giggles), and Hank Townsend is standing way too close.  His green-eyed monster is starting to rear.

     See how these two friends squeak through the past ghost, try and talk over the present and look into the future.  Can they get past the fear of losing something like their friendship?  If the relationship goes wrong?  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at 

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