HOT ON THE TRAIL (Lazy S Ranch #3)

HOT ON THE TRAIL                                   VICKI THARP

"The stunning beauty and quiet majesty of the Wyoming wilderness can heal your soul. But one woman will discover that her heart is fair game . . . The Lazy S Ranch is everything to Jenna Nash. It's given her family, friends, and a fulfilling career: helping veterans rebuild their lives. She sacrificd a lot to get her equine therapy program off the ground-including love. But suddenly, she's in danger of losing it all . . .

Joining the Marines was the best decision Quinn Powell ever made, even if he had to go it alone without Jenna. Now his best friend's death has brought him back to the ranch he once called home-and to the woman who rejected him.

Quinn hasn't lost his touch-with the wildest horses or with Jenna. Though she's falling for the brash, impulsive cowboy all over again, Jenna has reason to be wary. But when she and the ranch are threatened, Quinn will put everything on the line to save them both . . . "

     What a fantastic story that had me from the beginning until the very end.  This is a second chance story where the characters were intense and engaging from the get-go.  I cannot tell you how many twists and turns this story took.
     The thing is they were not huge but they were enough to keep you turning the pages.  This is the first time I read this author’s book and I would read her again.  What I liked was she too you to the gritty side but not down the rabbit hole so low it was dark in the pits.
     You saw the underbelly of the drug world and the disgusting world of human trafficking.  But she did it justice without the gory darkness but the awareness and some facts.  Let me tell you, you will fall in love with some of her characters.  Some you will hate first then you will love.
     So, this story is about Jenna and Quinn two that fell in love at a young age while Quinn was working on he Lazy ‘S’ Ranch.  His mentor was Jenna’s stepmother Mac who had been in the USMC and was living with a prosthetic, along with their friend Boomer he too was USMC with a prosthetic.  Being around them and the horses gave Jenna a new calling.
     So, she decided to change her major working toward a dream of opening, Healing Horses therapy program for troubled veterans.  She saw how much it had helped both Mac and Boomer and wanted to help more Vet’s.
     After being around Mac as a mentor Quinn too changed his calling but without discussing any of it with Jenna.  He decided to sign up for the USMC to fly Helos.  In Okinawa since they took married couples.  But one, he wasn’t married.  Two, he hadn’t even asked Jenna to marry him or talked to her about moving away from her family and friends.  While he was away on missions and all to be in another country alone.  Can you guess what she said?
     So, being rejected was not something Quinn could handle and now he was off to another country, and being young he broke all ties with Jenna.  Now four years later he contacts her and asks a favor to take only his crew member that lived through the crash that they were in with their crew into her program.  She says, yes.  Now a month later Kurt, Quinn’s friend is dead and Jenna must call to tell him.
     They were saying it is an O.D.  When Quinn gets to the ranch Quinn will be staying in Kurt’s cabin.  When he and Jenna start going through all of his stuff things are not adding up.  What he finds at the scene and in his cabin tell him a different story. 
     Follow Jenna and Quinn as they take you on the journey to find out where Kurt had been, his friends, and who he had talked to.  Was it all bad or were things only made to seem a certain way? 
     My favorite characters ended up being Moose and Soto (because she bugged the heck out of Finn.)  I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by 

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