It Takes Two (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #2)

IT TAKES TWO                                                JENNY HOLIDAY

All's fair in love and war
Wendy Liu should be delighted to be her best friend's maid of honor. But after years spent avoiding the bride's brother - aka the boy who once broke her heart - she's now trapped with him during an endless amount of wedding festivities. Luckily she's had time to perfect her poker face, and engaging Noah Denning in a little friendly competition might just prove that she's over him for good...

Noah Denning is determined to make his little sister's wedding memorable. But it seems Wendy is trying to outdo him at every turn. Challenging each other was always something he and Wendy did right, so when she proposes they compete to see who can throw the best bachelor or bachelorette party in Sin City, Noah takes the bait - and ups the stakes. Because this time around, he wants Wendy for keeps. And when you're fighting for love, all bets are off.


A funny story that begins with the bridesmaid being attracted to the bride’s brother Noah for years. Wendy Lu who he actually adds a name to it and makes her name become a character from Whoville. Getting together again now for his sister’s wedding is bringing up emotions for both of them from the past and for Noah, he is finding himself looking at Wendy as a strong beautiful woman. Not the girl he remembers. He is also wondering why after he left for college and would come home he would only see her a few times in all of these years since. But he knows that she and his sister are still best friends and he remembers the two of them doing things together until he left for college. Wendy is falling back into the happy spot of seeing Noah at times more so now that Jane her best friend is getting married and she is wanting to do more things with Noah, the guy who broke her heart when she left her and at the prom. He did not leave her he never showed. This has created the women she is today and she will do anything to beat Noah and there you have it. The two bachelor and bachelorette parties become a completion and at the wedding, it will be voted on which one is the winner. This is where the story really takes off. It was already good but here it just gets better. The answers begin to happen and Noah becomes well he becomes a guy. I will leave it at that. This is a fun book with a good story, with good characters. Funny moments, serious times, and overall a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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