Never Let Go (Haven, Montana #2)

NEVER LET GO                                              JILL SANDERS

Trent McGowan has never been the guy who doesn’t get what he wants. He and his brothers are making a go of the oil business, and he’s always had a bit of a reputation with the ladies. Only lately, something’s been missing—something Trent never realized he needed…until he sees his childhood crush standing on the picket line, trying to destroy his company. And what happened to turn sweet Addy Collins into a sexy activist?
Environmentalist Adrianna Collins has returned to her hometown of Haven, Montana, on a mission to stop destructive oil mining. She never imagined that the corporate face on the other side of the protest line would be her lifelong crush. The Trent she remembers is better known for flirting than, uh, fracking, and she can’t believe he’d risk his city to make a quick buck.
Now Trent’s determined to prove that he’s not the person she thinks he is. If he can earn Addy’s trust, he might be able to save his company—and bring Addy home for good.
The second book in this series and in this one Adrianna an environmentalist who was also in the first book comes home to protest and find out what Trent and his family are going to do with some land that they bought. The rumor is oil and that is why the protest, but growing up in the area her group thinks she might be able to find out more. The problem with that whole thought is Trent has always liked her and finds ways to spend time with her. This makes her feel good but also adds her to the lists of attacks that keep happening to the family, she also is worried about her job with the protest group. In the middle of all of that, she is dealing with a family problem that becomes much more than it starts out as and adding that with Trent and his family you have a good book. The characters are good, you find out a lot about Adrianna and her family, but you still do not find out who has been causing all of the destruction that has been going on since the first book. That is my only negative in the whole thing. Overall a good story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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