Only With You (Man Enough #4)

ONLY WITH YOU                                             NICOLE McLAUGHLIN

National Guardsman Aiden King has been attracted to Hannah Walters for a while, but he never made a move because of her close relationship with his best friend. But when circumstances change, Aiden is surprised when his friend gives his blessing. Problem is, there’s a reason he’s still alone after all these years, and as much as he wants her, that secret keeps him from acting on his desires.
Hannah has finally decided to wait for the kind of love you read about in books and see in movies. After her failed engagement, Aiden’s unassuming support has become a touchstone for Hannah. It soon becomes apparent that he may be exactly the kind of man she’s been looking for. But the closer they become, the more he keeps her at arm’s length.
When Aiden suggests a road trip to take Hannah’s mind off her troubles, the two of them go on a journey neither one expected. She just hopes that the final destination is them together for good.

The second book with Hannah Walters. In the last book, her twin sister ends up with the guy who they had grown up with. In this one, she is focused on Aiden King who she thinks likes her but has not come out and said so. She enjoys being around him and he is easy to talk to. Aiden wants to be with Hannah but when he tries something inside of him stops short. When his grandmother passes away and he ends up finding his mother he thinks this will help but it does not and as Hannah who is trying to be patient with him is falling for him she cannot wait around for him when she begins to make the next step and he shuts her down. Frustrated and confused she tells him that he needs to work out what is going on with him and come to her when he is ready, she will wait but not forever. Now he must choose whether to fix himself or let her walk out of his life forever. Read this book and see what happens. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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