SCREWED                                                        KELLY JAMIESON

Cash Hale has been in love with his best friend’s wife forever. Now Callie and Beau are divorced, but she’s still way off-limits. Dating her would betray his friendship with Beau. And Cash is nothing if not loyal.

Callie Sutherland is starting over. The end of her marriage was just one more way she failed to live up to her wealthy family’s expectations, so from now on she’s not even going to try. It’s time to live her life the way she wants. And she wants Cash.

Cash and Beau aren’t just friends, they’re business partners, and the drop in the price of oil has hurt their business. They need to win the bid for Sutherland Industries’ next big project—but it may get messy since Callie’s family owns the business. Not only would Cash risk his friendship with Beau to be with her, he’d be risking the company they worked so hard to create.

But this new Callie isn’t taking no for an answer.

He’s so screwed...


A very nice story that really caught by surprise. Cash Hall has really been in love with his best friend wife since they were in college. He has since watched them get married, became business partner with her husband and has now seen them divorced. He cannot believe that his friend would treat a woman like Callie Sutherland the way he did. Now he and Beau just deal with business and since Callie has returned from Europe he finds time to spend with her. She is finding herself looking forward to the time she and Cash can be together and talk, for he is the only person other than a few friends that give her encouragement about her wanting to start a new business. The more time they spend together the more they realize that they are falling for each other, but Cash is confused with the whole friend, business partner and how it will look. He then decides do I want to walk away from her or the business. A very good story and the author takes you back to college and the day when Cash falls for Callie. This is a very good book with many good characters, and like I said much better than I was expecting from the title. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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