Strong Hold (Redemption #5)

STRONG HOLD                                               SARAH CASTILLE

Fight promoter Zack Grayson is on the prowl for a rising star. As the top recruiter of a prestigious MMA promotion company, he wants to take someone where he was never able to go: the top of the professional league. He didn't expect that someone to be the woman he loved...and left.

Top-ranked MMA amateur fighter Shayla "Shilla the Killa" Tyler built walls around her heart when Zack left her seven years ago--and again when her husband turned violent. Now, seeing Zack is nearly enough to send those walls crumbling. But she can't risk the exposure of the limelight, and she definitely can't risk another heartbreak.

As Shayla and Zack grow closer, though, business turns personal. And once their passion unleashes, there's no going back...


A story about a second chance at love. Shayla is now an MMA fighter, but years ago she was a ballerina. She even at one time dated Zach Grayson, who has now walked into the gym she trains in and he has since stop fighting after winning four titles. He also walked out on her the night she turned eighteen without any word why. Now years later she still does not want to see him. Zach, on the other hand, cannot believe that he is looking at the women who does not look anything like he remembers years ago. The last time without her knowledge was going to New York where she was dancing, but then also finding out that she was married. He was wondering what she was doing in Oakland and not in New York and why was she not dancing but fighting. The reason behind this is horrific and heartbreaking for anyone who has seen or been around dancing. Now can they or I should say Shayla allow Zach back into her life once again after he walked out on her years ago. Read this wonderful story that has other storylines as well inside. The characters are good along with the story. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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