Summer Sizzle

SUMMER SIZZLE                                           SAMANTHA GENTRY

Growing up, Victoria Templeton watched her mother scrape for every penny and vowed that would never be her. She’s become a woman so busy worrying about tomorrow, she doesn’t allow time for today. And she has plans for the summer that don’t include sharing a house with a carefree beach bum with no ambition, even one with a signed lease and a smokin’ hot bronzed body. 

The tragic loss of his six year old son caused Blake Callahan to learn the hard way no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. He now lives only for today—wine, women, and flying kites on the beach. Until an uptight female with soulful eyes and mouth-watering curves invades his beach house, claiming it’s hers for the summer. 

Forced to share the place until the mix-up is straightened out, Blake and Vicki find they have nothing in common…except a sizzling heat that has nothing to do with summer.


This is really one of those sweat fun loving books where the female character Victoria Templeton, has paid in advance for a summer rental only to find out that it is already occupied by a man named Blake Callahan. He has paid for an entire year and actually knows the owner of the house. After deciding to both stay she believes that he is nothing but a beach bum who enjoys flying kites and surfing. What she does not know until much later is that he has taken a year off from his job because his son was killed and he is having problems moving forward. She is only thinking about work because of her childhood and has never really taken any time to relax, never has even flown a kite. His first goal besides wanting to kiss her is to get her to fly a kite and take time away from her job. She even wants to work on Saturday. Together these two different personalities will try to exist in this home for the summer, but could there be any type of a future for these two? Read this fun story and see if he can get her to fly a kite and anything else. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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