Surrender (Bitter Creek #11)

SURRENDER                                                    JOAN JOHSTON

Taylor Grayhawk and Brian Flynn are two old flames forced together under perilous circumstances. Taylor, a corporate pilot, has been burned by men – including Brian – in the past, and has given up on the possibility of any kind of happily-ever-after. Brian, a firefighter, is a recent divorcee, so heart sore and gun-shy that he is unlikely to ever fall in love again. But when this pilot and this smoke jumper are caught fighting a raging wildfire arm-in-arm, they’re forced to leap headfirst into the flames, and hopefully make it out with their hearts still intact.


An interesting story about two people who at one time many years ago were a couple only to break up. Brian Flynn went on to marry someone and divorce and Taylor Grayhawk wonders why they broke up. Today though as they are flying together and after the hot shots have jumped out. She is wondering why he is still on the plane. After a few awkward moments, they have no time to hash out the past when the storm takes a sudden turn and the plane is going to crash. With the fire and the wind, she is hoping she can just put it down somewhere. After the crash and Taylor taking care of Brain’s injuries, they find a cave to spend the night in. From it is a matter of survival and also reliving the past and the way it ended between them years ago, and could they get back together again. While all of this is going on. The fire is still raging, then people realize that they are missing and start a search and rescue for them. Of course, just when Taylor thinks everything is going good between them they are found and because of his injuries, he is flown out. Now she is left with doubt and what might be, still, she wants to see Brain but not knowing what is waiting for her at the hospital or if he will remember anything is scary. What will happen between them and will there be them? Read this good book and see what happens. The author also does a good job in the writing about survival in the woods. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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