The Cowboy's Homecoming Surprise (Fly Creek #2)


Single mom Peyton Brooks’s first Friday night out—with adults—in forever isn’t exactly going the way she’d expected. She can line dance at the local dive bar with the best of ‘em, but she can’t shake the feeling she’s completely out of her depth. Then the first man she ever loved walks in the door, bringing chaos, especially since the handsome cowboy’s the father of her daughter. This definitely calls for whiskey…

Ryder Marks’s homecoming isn’t going how he’d planned. After years of working hard and finding success in Alaska, he’d thought returning to Fly Creek, Wyoming would feel different, more triumphant. Instead, he finds a daughter he knew nothing about, a father who still harbors anger and resentment toward him, and a former love he never forgot and who still warms his heart. Now he just has to convince Peyton he intends to stay and be the man she deserves, even if that means letting her go.


Peyton Brooks is sitting in the local bar with her friends for the first time in years when in walks Ryder Mark’s. He has been gone for ten years leaving after a fight with his father and wait for it not knowing that his girlfriend was pregnant. Living in Alaska all this time all he did was send his mother a letter saying he was good and alive. With no return address or markings, they had no idea where he was. Peyton and his mother even hired a private investigator to look for him twice and each time came up with nothing. Now seeing the one man she had thought she would never see again, Ryder cannot figure out why she and others are upset with him. When he finds out that his parents are away for a few days he is upset with that as well. Then comes the clincher he finds out that he is a father of a ten-year-old and he acts like a jerk and begins to demand things from Peyton, but she holds her ground as the mother and the parent. Ryder has a long way to go and I am reminded that he did not come home because he found out that he was a father. No, he came home for the other part of the story to show his father that he is a success. He and his partner are the ones from the last book who bought the property to help the family. Overall a good story, I liked Mel the daughter and Peyton, and the grandmother, Ryder seemed like he forgot that he left ten years ago without a goodbye to anyone but wanted a parade when he came home and I felt had a poor me attitude. I still liked the book though and very much worth the read. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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