The Undercover Billionaire (Tate Brothers #3)


Navy SEAL Wolf Tate is on a mission of vengeance. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to infiltrate the lair of his arms-dealing enemy—and rescue the mother he never knew. To do this, he’ll need more than his father’s fortunes or his brothers-in-arms. He must find a way to kidnap his enemy’s daughter for leverage. There’s just one problem: She is also one of Wolf’s closest friends—and the only woman he’s ever loved…

For years, Olivia de Santis has been waiting for Wolf to take her in his arms and make her dreams come true. But she never imagined that he’d sneak into her bedroom one night…and take her as his hostage. Olivia knows she should resist him—and stay loyal to her own family. But how can she deny the burning justice of Wolf’s mission, and the blazing desire in his eyes—even if giving into the heat of the moment can put her in grave danger?


The third book in the series and the third brother. Wolf Tate is wanting to complete the assignment that was given to him by his father in the letter and his passing, but in order to do so he must kidnap the women whom he has always craved and then destroy everything he has worked on overcoming and becoming a Seal. The first part of grabbing Olivia Tate goes off without a problem until she escapes and he must do it again. The second time they begin to go over their past together. Having spent most of their childhood together she was destroyed when he walked in when day and told her he was enlisting and then was gone. Not wanting to share any part of himself then she is still having trouble getting through to him, and when she agrees to listen about her father he tells her about himself. Everything unravels for Wolf when he begins to realize how many things were not as they appeared and begins to believe what he was told by his father that he is only a weapon. Now his brothers must come in and help to save him and he must find a way to help Olivia the only women he has ever loved, it only takes his brothers to point this out to him. Wolf has many issues to work through and you really see in all three books how their father controlled each and every one of them. All very good books. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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