Top Shelf (The McLaughlins Book 3)

TOP SHELF                                                     SHELLI STEVENS

Burned in the past, Navy chief Brett Craven has sworn off serious relationships. But when he meets Kenzie McLaughlin, a gorgeous redhead with a fiery personality, his well-reasoned strategy is blown out of the water.

Years ago, a terrifying attack changed Kenzie’s life, making her trust only a few men, including her brothers and her father. After a sexy Navy guy waltzes into the family pub and doesn’t hesitate to make his interest known, there’s no denying the attraction between them. Can Kenzie let her guard down long enough to fall for Brett?


This is book number three in the series and it begins where it leaves off with book number two, with Brett returning and still wanting to take Kenzie out on a date. Once she finally agrees to go with him and go somewhere other than her brothers' bar. They actually have a good time or so she thought until he never gets in touch with her again. Already having issues with dating and finally going out on one in years, she is wondering what she did wrong or if she missed read the signs. Her issues are explained along with what happened to her. Brett is still dealing with a wife who cheated on him when he first joined the Navy and now feels it would be wrong to ask any women to put up with his career until after he retires. That is until after months go by and the two of them run into each other and she confronts him on why he did not call, and if she did something wrong or if he is just a jerk. The two of them begin to realize that they are good for each other and decide to see where it goes. This is a good love story with characters from the other two books, and some issues from the other books get worked out in this book. Overall without giving away too much I really liked this book very much. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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