Whine with Cheese: (Vineyard Pleasures Series #1)

WHINE WITH CHEESE                                 BROOKE E. WAYNE

Maxine "Max" Novaline just had her heart ripped out by her ex-boyfriend, Bart Moore. Determined to bounce back, she's ready to do some serious damage control on her shattered self-esteem thanks to that narcissistic meathead.

Max heads to Napa Valley's Angel of the Vine Winery, maker of her favorite Moscato, to scout out tours for work and--let's be honest--catch a glimpse of the owner's drool-worthy son, Chase L'Angevin, as seen on YouTube.

Nothing says movin' on like some sweet wine and eye candy. Right?

Chase, who likes the pin-up girl type, starts to pour on the charm the moment he meets this demure beauty. She even blushes over every compliment he gives her like she's been deprived of them.

Lavish the bubbly blonde with all the attention she deserves? Of course.

When their first date rolls into a long, romantic weekend, their chemistry ignites faster than a matchstick in hell.

But, when Max's fears of rushing into another relationship start to haunt her, and Chase becomes all too eager to keep trying to sweep her off her feet, they both find themselves tumbling down a rabbit hole of an adventure in pursuit of what true love is all about.


A book that starts off with Maxine trying to decide to stay in her relationship or not when it becomes not. She then takes off for a winery in Napa, meeting Chase the owner's son. When going back for a second date starts off great by the second day Chase must leave with his father for a quick business trip and low and behold Maxine is injured while on a tour and gets short-term memory loss and becomes locked up with her ex again who does some shady things legally. When she finally starts making sense of everything she gets out of dodge in a hurry but Chase is not acting like the Chase before. Now when she goes to France to be with her best friend all she is looking for is friendship. Will Chase come around or will Chase’s cousin fill the void? A good story fast read, I did have a few issues with the ending but that could just be me. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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