A CHRISTMAS DELIVERY (Christmas With The Ellis Family #1)


Nicara Elms has been living her life her way without a man for the past seven years. Hidden away in her peaceful cottage after the loss of her daughter, she shies away from the public eye and the high society lifestyle her parents live for. However, everything changes when she meets her next door neighbor’s handsome son.

Tobias Ellis has moved back in with his mother and young son following the break-up of his marriage. Giving into his mother's demands, he finally agrees to meet the girl next door, and Nicara is blown away by what she feels for him the first time he holds her in his arms.

With Christmas fast approaching, something wonderful is about to happen, and a special delivery will bring these two lovers even closer than they could ever have imagined.

      What an interesting and fast read.  I wasn’t sure how this story was going to go when you find out how she ends up in her condition.  She is determined to be a mother to her baby girl, no matter what her father says.  He is not happy.  But when he allows the father of the baby into their family home that is the last straw she runs out of the house. 
     She has the support of her mother to keep her. So, she goes for it, running toward freedom.  Until she finds herself so angry and filled with tears that her eyes become clouded.  that when she goes to cross the street she gets hit by a car.  Not only does she never have to worry about her father taking her precious baby away from her to give up for adoption but she loses her to mother earth forever.  She is struck by a car and hospitalized and her baby doesn’t make it.
     She still never goes back to her family home to live.  She goes to the cottage she had bought herself when she thought she would be bringing her newborn home with her.  At sixteen she has now made the choice to never marry or have children to pain is too great.  The only time she goes home is once a year when her father summons her home for her parent’s anniversary for two weeks.  
     She’s alone happy with her enclosed garden that she takes care of the year around.  Snow or not.  This day she is tearing down the vines growing on her wall when a man climbs over and startles her.  He is just in time to catch her before she falls off the ladder.  It turns out it is Elena her neighbor’s son, Tobias. 
     While she is having instant chemistry working on her end and she loves the feel of his arms holding her she is not amused.  Yet, she is intrigued.  You see she is content doing her gardening, baking, and cooking she doesn’t need this hot sexy man invading her space.  With the mischief in his eyes, this is not a good thing. She finally has to ask if he plans on setting her down.  He laughs as he said he forgot he was holding her.
     You will find the banter and chemistry between Nicara and Tobias hot and playful.  Elena and Nicara have their own banter but it is more along the lines of a mom trying to set up her son.  But Nicara kind of likes the thought of it in theory.  You see she likes playing matchmaker for she has done it before to Nicara.  Although, I really didn’t feel the Christmas theme anywhere in this story but in a few short pages at the end so the title threw me.  The one I fell in love with is Max Tobias’ son.  I give this: 4 stars. 

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