COMING HOME (Texas Sisters #2)

COMING HOME                                AUDREY WICK

College professor Mallory Fredrick loves her job in a city that feels like home, but after a student attacks her on social media, she loses her peace of mind and confidence. When her college offers a sabbatical, she jumps at the chance to escape to her hometown in Texas. 

Entrepreneur Alec O'Donnell specializes in helping people in crisis. He’s built his company and career on packing up lives as people start over. It's just business until he meets Mallory. Something about the beautiful and fragile woman who still manages to hold on to her sense of humor affects him. As feelings develop, he realizes he's not ready for her to move out of his life. 

Can Mallory find peace, or will a second setback keep her from coming home for good?

     This book started off strong with our professor Mallory Fredrick living in fear.  After threats being launched by a NOW former freshman student.  He used his multimedia account to say he would “get her!”  All over a low grade.
     Action was taken resulting in his being kicked out for a year and being slapped with a misdemeanor charge.  She however was being forced to take a sabbatical either without pay and not returning for spring or with pay and insurance for a month and not return in the spring.  Somehow, they made it immediate.  Therefore, finales week which was just starting she wouldn’t be there for her students.  She had no choice in the matter it was either or. 
     Feeling like she wouldn’t be able to leave her apartment for fear of running into, Jesse her student, could pop out.  She talks to her sister one night who offers to have her move in with her until she is offered a new contract.  Her kid sister, Paige and her son Nathan live in Texas, which is no Santa Fe but she would take it for now.  She hates the thought of leaving but she knows she would save money while she waits for the new school contract.
     Making her list she gets the ball rolling right then.  Calling a mover called “Four Guys.”  When Alec O’Donnell answers right away over the phone Mallory likes him with his smooth “Hollywood” voice as she calls it.  When he comes over to do the estimate wow does her and her body react.  Not to mention he brings donut holes and supplies for moving.
     From here the trek gets slow once she gets to her sisters.  She as a character for me becomes too much in her head.  Not to mention she acts and thinks like an educational snob.  Her sister talks to her about doing sub jobs as a high school teacher and in her head she’s like, “Doesn’t she get I’m a college professor?”  No, because you don’t talk to anyone but to yourself.  Not to your own sister, no friends, not even Alec when he opens up to you about his mom, the teacher.
     Once Alec is back in Santa Fe he reaches out to her. She still doesn’t tell him about what happened to her.  Weeks keep moving.  It’s not until her funds are running low does she apply for other colleges in Texas because she still hasn’t heard from her college, she won’t be quiet about, and a new contract.  There is a lot of dragging points but then it rallies at the end. 
     Then it wraps up too fast, I think.  I wish she would have given a little more time with Alec and Mallory’s relationship.  To get a real satisfaction from the romance part of the story.  The resolution of her fear factor is good though.  The only thing that got me is her talking all the time about Santa Fe being the best this and that.  Being so snobbish about it.  I began to dislike Santa Fe in name only. (Poor Santa Fe!) 

     I would have given this book a 3 ½ stars but decided to go up instead. I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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