DREAM LOVER (Dreams Come True #3)

DREAM LOVER                                          STACEY KEITH

In one little town in Texas, even toeing the straight and narrow might lead you to a joyride . . .
April Roby believes in avoiding entanglements—and her beloved sisters have given her a master class in what heartbreak looks like. So, no matter who tries to fix her up, April is sticking to her thick manila folders and her frumpy beige skirts and putting her time and energy toward helping the kids of Cuervo, Texas as a social worker. Her latest client, foul-mouthed fourteen-year-old Matthew McBride, would be enough on his own to keep two of her busy. And his big brother Brandon is a whole different type of problem.

Brandon is the kind of muscle-bound, motorcycle-riding bad boy that no well-meaning relative would ever try to shove in April’s path. He’s prickly, he’s rude, and he’s downright obstructive. But there’s something about him that makes her want to take the smirk off his face the fun way. Neither one of them is looking for a fairy-tale ending. But in Cuervo, Texas, they just might get one anyway . . .

     They say when you’re the youngest child you learn one of two things.  One, how to get your way.  Two, to learn from the old siblings’ mistakes.  If your really lucky there is a third option in equal parts both because it helps you negotiate the world better.
     But for April, she learned number two, really well not end up in a first bad marriage like Maggie.  Or a teen pregnancy like her middle sister, Cassidy.  Although, it has all been scrubbed from her parents’ minds since they both now married very wealthy men.  The memories or the pain they went through is still strong in April’s mind.
     Marriage and even dating seem to become a phobia for April.  Townspeople are rooting for her and the sheriff to become a couple.  Not her though.  There is a friendship for sure but nothing else.  No love interest at all.
     When she and Ryan have to go on a home visit for a fourteen-year-old client Matthew Berrett for not going to school she was not expecting to find the gorgeous Brandon McBride underneath the Harley he was working on shirtless.  This is one fine twenty-eight-year-old all man.  And Matthew’s big brother and who has custody of him.  An indie biker and mechanic.
     Brandon is not taking twenty-three-year-old April Roby serious as a Social Worker.  Until their path cross swords on their second-go-round at the local bar.  He sees she’s no light-weight and can and will cause trouble for him if he keeps pushing her buttons.  But she is so cute when he gets her riled up.
     So, he needs to play nice.  He tracks her down at home.  At first, she’s fearful but then she realizes she is thrilled and she sees he wants to really help his brother.  He really and truly loves his brother.
     A dick move on his part on a surprise visit can cost him more than he ever knew he ever wanted in his life before.  For the first time ever, he will go after it.  Doing so will it cost April all she’s ever worked for or give her the things she’s locked down for so long it is freeing?
     When the truth comes out where will their futures layout for them?  Together or in shambles?  See how April, Brandon, and Matthew fair.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.

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