THE COWBOY'S RUNAWAY BRIDE (Billionaire Brothers #1)


What happens when a runaway bride meets a wealthy cowboy? 

Realizing her wedding is a sham, curvy Maddie Stanton takes to her kitten heels and escapes the ceremony - still dressed in her bridal gown! 

Stranded on the Wyoming highway with a flat tire, rescue appears in the form of Garrett Trask. When the handsome cowboy hires her to work on his ranch, Maddie jumps at the offer, grateful to leave her past behind her. 

She never counted on falling in love … 

But when she discovers a secret from Garrett’s past, her newfound happiness is shattered. Can this sexy cowboy convince Maddie he loves her, and her curves? Or will she forever remain the runaway bride? 

This is a sexy contemporary romance novella of approximately 27,000 words. 


Half an hour later, they rode back to the barn. “You don’t want to overdo it for your first time.” Garrett dismounted easily and tethered the horses to the post, then came to help her down. “Take your right foot out of the stirrup, swing your leg over, then place your right foot on the ground.” 

She tried to obey his instructions, kicking her right foot out of the stirrup before swinging it backward. Clenching the horn with a death-grip, she hovered in the air, her left foot still in the stirrup and her right hand grasping the back of the saddle. She didn’t think she could do it. Wobbling slightly, she sighed in relief when Garrett’s strong arms wrapped around her waist. 

“I’ve got you,” he murmured, his warm breath brushing her neck. A shiver raced down her spine. He helped her off Prince, untangling her left foot from the stirrup. She turned to him, a little dizzy. 

“Thank you.” She looked into his dark brown eyes, wanting to melt into their depths. Despite her best intentions, she was definitely attracted to this man. But what did he feel about her? 

“You’re welcome.” He gently smoothed her hair back from her face. “You might want to take a bath tonight since you’re not used to horse riding.” 

She gave the briefest of nods. Her eyes remained locked on his. She didn’t want to do anything to break the sensual spell. 

Garrett’s hand touched the small of her back, his thumb caressing her spine, urging her to take a couple of steps closer to him. She obeyed willingly, her heart thudding with anticipation. 

He gazed down at her, threading his fingers through her hair. She held her breath as his lips descended until they were only a heartbeat away from hers. “Maddie,” he murmured. 

She waited for the touch of his lips … 

     When Maddie Stanton walked into her parent’s suite before her wedding she didn’t see the train wreck coming.  You see her father a powerful attorney with his own law office is used to getting his own way.  Well, since his full figured, pushing thirty, librarian daughter was still not married he would take matters into his own hands.
     So, two years ago when a guy from his office asked his daughter out.  He put a bug in his ear that if he purposed marriage to his daughter there would be a prize for him.  Yes, there would be a full partnership in the law practice after their first wedding anniversary.
     So, when Howard. Out of the blue asks Maddie to marry him she kind of goes with the flow.  Not that she loved him or that she thought he loved her, really.  She just thought it’s the next step.  Really, she had never found a man at this point in her life to make her feel the way she thought she should feel for her HEA moment.
     But upon entering that room and hearing her parents discussing the cold hard facts was a blow.  To listen to how Howard came to asking her for her hands in marriage was difficult and it pissed her off. She told them so and took off.  Leaving meek and oh so boring Howard at the altar.
     All she had when she left was her small bridal purse containing lipstick and a twenty-dollar bill for emergencies.  Which she totally regrets about now as she realizes she has a flat in the middle of the Wyoming wilderness, USA, nowhere.  Portland girl has no business getting married out on the range but when her daddy pulls a favor.  Leave it to him.
     As she starts walking a sleek sexy black SUV stops to see if Maddie needs a ride.  It’s Garrett Trask.  A rancher and bull breeder.  She is grateful he stopped especially since she is in kitten heels and there are sixty miles to the next town.
     He is beyond nice he goes so far as to give his license before she gets in along with his phone and says call a friend or family member and with my info and license plate number.  So, you can feel safe getting in my car.  Although, for some reason she already did.  His eyes burned into her not in a creepy way but in a way that made her feel sexy and wanted for the first time in her life.
     She decides she doesn’t want to go home so he offers his ranch and she accepts, making him very happy.  He has his housekeeper buy her clothes.  Then, he hires her for the three weeks she would have been on her honeymoon to clean the unused cabins on the ranch.  Saying he needs to get them ready to start using them. Not true he just wants to keep her there.  As long as possible he is so attracted to her.

     He is looking for anything to keep her with him.  See if they make the connection or lack the communication skills needed.  Or will they allow Howard to come back in and scoop her up taking her home?  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  
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