Set the Night on Fire (Cottonbloom #6)

SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE                           LAURA TRENTHAM

Ella Boudreaux has a lot to prove to her family, friends, and foes--and to herself. So when her marriage ends she decides to invest her energy and money into a place that brings back some of Ella's happiest memories: the Abbott brothers' garage. Maybe, if she puts her mind to it, she can teach skeptical, stubborn Mack Abbott how to make the business a true success. Which would be a lot easier if the hunky mechanic didn't make her motor run quite so fast...and hot.

Mack was furious when his brother, Ford, sold his share of the business. He's in no rush to team up with a wealthy divorcee who shows up to the garage in stilettos--and the longest, sexiest legs he's seen in forever. But Ella's grit and determination won't quit...and soon Mack can see that she's been down a few rough roads herself. Neither Mack nor Ella can deny the fierce attraction that's revving up between them. Could it be that true love has been in the back seat all along...and they've finally found the key?


In this book, you pick up from Mack still being upset with Ford selling his share of the business in the garage to an outsider. That outsider has shown up at the garage and is not who Mack was expecting at all. It is Ella Boudreaux, a divorcee who is not looking at selling her share. She got her share as part of her divorce, and everyone thinks her money came from her ex, no this will be explained in the story. Now she would like to be around the garage and the cars because they remind her of someone close to her from her past. If you read any of the other books you know that Mack has a not so nice person no matter what time of the day it is. It is not so bad when there is a storm because everyone is trying to get out of the storm and does not notice him. Whatever the reason Ella is attracted to the beast and at times can even manage him. He is still working on his issues with Ford, and with his mother, but I will say these both get slowly resolved. There is a lot going on in this story and you really don’t know it until you are done with the book. The way the author pulls you into each separate little story is done in a way that by the time you are finished you are surprised that the book is done. Well written with all of the same characters, plus a few new ones. A very good book to go along with the others. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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