Ain't She a Peach? (Southern Eclectic #2)

AIN'T SHE A PEACH                                     MOLLY HARPER

An Atlanta ex-cop comes to sleepy Lake Sackett, Georgia, seeking peace and quiet—but he hasn’t bargained on falling for Frankie, the cutest coroner he’s ever met.

Frankie McCready talks to dead people. Not like a ghost whisperer or anything—but it seems rude to embalm them and not at least say hello.

Fortunately, at the McCready Family Funeral Home & Bait Shop, Frankie’s eccentricities fit right in. Lake Sackett’s embalmer and county coroner, Frankie’s goth styling and passion for nerd culture mean she’s not your typical Southern girl, but the McCreadys are hardly your typical Southern family. Led by Great-Aunt Tootie, the gambling, boozing, dog-collecting matriarch of the family, everyone looks out for one another—which usually means getting up in everyone else’s business.

Maybe that’s why Frankie is so fascinated by new sheriff Eric Linden...a recent transplant from Atlanta, he sees a homicide in every hunting accident or boat crash, which seems a little paranoid for this sleepy tourist town. What’s he so worried about? And what kind of cop can get a job with the Atlanta PD but can’t stand to look at a dead body?

Frankie has other questions that need answering first—namely, who’s behind the recent break-in attempts at the funeral home, and how can she stop them? This one really does seem like a job for the sheriff—and as Frankie and Eric do their best Scooby-Doo impressions to catch their man, they get closer to spilling some secrets they thought were buried forever.


This book has you back at the McCready Family Funeral home and Bait shop. The story mostly centers on Frankie who is the embalmer, make-up artist, and county coroner. It is the last title that she does not use very much and one she is glad she did not. That is until a new sheriff arrived in town and now she has been called out more than she ever has. Working with the new man is frustrating because of his requesting her assistance on every death and then when he shows up in her place of work he criticizes her talking to the dead, her style, at times her attitude, and well you get the point. When Sheriff Eric Linden for another update and the verbal banter begins suddenly the room becomes quite becomes has passed out. When he is back with the living Frankie has proven to him that the case like she had stated before his nape was an accident. Now begins the life of Frankie and her quest to bring down the person who she thinks has been tormenting her and her place of work for the past years, and always refers to her as a freak. The problem is finding evidence of the person doing anything in the act, and getting people to believe that is not related to her. While that is going on her and the Eric are trying to maybe start dating but each one has issues from their past. His is the reason why he left Atlanta and came to a small town, and she is her illness from childhood and still wanting to get out from her parents contest hovering. The story has many layers and will keep you going with the same cast of characters from the last book and with a few and with some surprises. This all leads for a wonderful book once again. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

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