BARE DEVOTION (The Bayou Bachelors #2)

BARE DEVOTION                              GERI KROTOW

Sweet and sultry, hot and wild…that’s desire, Louisiana-style. And there’s no one better to explore it with than one of the Bayou Bachelors…
  Returning to her flooded New Orleans home to face Henry Boudreaux, the man she jilted at the altar, is the hardest thing attorney Sonja Bosco has ever done—even before she discovers she’s pregnant. Sonja backed out of the marriage for Henry’s sake. He wants to be part of his father’s law firm, and his parents will never approve of an interracial marriage. Better to bruise his heart than ruin his life.

Henry can’t forgive Sonja and doubts that he can trust her again. But learning that they’re going to be parents means there’s no avoiding each other. Springtime on the bayou is already steamy enough…now they’re living in the same small space while their damaged house is repaired. And with each passing day, they’re getting a little more honest. A lot more real. And realizing that nothing—not even New Orleans at Mardi Gras—glows brighter than the desire they’re trying to deny…

     An interracial couple finds each other when Sonja Bosco applies for a position at the law office owned by Henry Boudreaux father.  The minute he sees the mahogany-skinned beauty he has to be with her.  Being that Henry was the people, pleaser of the family, it was easy to always do what his parents wanted until Sonja.
     You see Gloria and Hudson Boudreaux at that time had lost two of their children to their overpowering ways.  So, when they would have their employees over to dinner Henry would do his flirting until he took it one step further.  He started dating Sonja.  Then soon after they moved in together.  Then he asked her to marry him.   Not being pleased with that decision his parents called Sonja in and let her know that if she married him he would not make partner and he would be disowned.
     Loving him she has to do what is best she backs out.  Living him at the altar.  The thing that gets to Henry is her timing.  It was the day of the wedding.  What Henry doesn’t know is that his she’s pregnant and that with him inviting his ex-girlfriend and her seeing him hug her in front of the church after being confronted by her and his parents just a little earlier shake her to her foundation. 
     They have both kept secrets that have shaken them and come to figure out what should have happened before this wedding even got planned.  But there is a lot of blaming and pointing fingers that will happen before you see any sunshine at all.  This will not give you that warm and fuzzy that most books with give you but it will give you real.
     When Henry wanted to get married the kid gloves were off with his mom and dad.  They made it known that his future wife would not be totally welcomed by the family.  He was prepared for that.  He just neglected to make Sonja aware of that. 
     They must salvage what is left of the river house they had built to be their dream house.  That is now Katrina damaged.  All their savings was poured into it.  They must work together in the same office in NOLA and they are living in the same little cottage behind the house.  The one thing they did have right in the relationship was their sexual gratification.
     Mistaking that sexual gratification as a form of communication and love, when it was the furthest from the truth.  They mistaken urges for one another again when they move into the cottage house while the river house is being fixed.  Only to find out how it hurt their hearts more because it fixed nothing only added to the pain and confusion. 
     Although, there is a long and drawn out resolution it was real.  It may not have ended all nice and neat like most would like but it too was real and kept a family intact.  The only thing that baffled me is the order of the books when I looked up the author and to see if this is a series because I would like to interview this author. 

     I have questions to be asked for my fangirl in me.  I don’t understand Brandon and Poppy met for the wedding to gather things out of the house right after Katrina which was after the wedding right?  Or is my timeline off?  LOL!  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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