Battle With The Seal (Norse Security #3)

BATTLE WITH THE SEAL                            LESLIE NORTH

Loki is the type of man who can blend into any situation—the party boy, the wallflower, or the man who slips into the back room and steals information -- whatever is needed of him as a spy. Now, with his Wounded Warrior fund on the line, he’s been given a job that could save it: ferreting out a mole. But instead of a mole, he finds his perfect female counterpart: another spy on the trail. And she’s working against him.

Mirabelle, “M”, is a master of disguise. A shake of her hair, a swipe of her lipstick and she can change from a secretary to a sex kitten. It’s a talent that comes in handy in her line of work as an agent. Plugging the leaker in a data breach could finally gain her the momentum she needs to advance her career. That is until she discovers a sexy spy working against her -- making her question everything she thought she knew.

When M and Loki’s paths collide it’s only a split second gut check that sends them running for cover together rather than ripping each other apart. There’s more to their leaker than either of their clients are telling them, and the two top spies agree to band together. For now. Deep undercover and with ever-shifting personalities and priorities, M and Loki find themselves clinging to what they know: each other. What ensues is a battle of operatives as they reluctantly join forces to figure out who the mole is, all while trying to ignore an attraction that feels so very, very right.


The third book in the series opens with Loki the owner of the company out on a mission and looking for the person and or information leading to the data breach that argued. Now on his mission, he runs into a woman named “M” or Mirabelle she is a master of changing disguises and blending into any situation. She also is not afraid of anyone. Of course, he does not think she should be out doing this type of work and does not realize that this is her job. Her job and promotion depend on her retrieving the information. Though they are working against each other at one point they decide to work together as this may be the only way to find the person and the information. This also puts them in situations that neither of them was expecting or wanting to deal with, being alone with each other and when she gives him the chance for the find what will he do because now he knows she will not have a job. A very good story fast-paced once again, and just a good overall book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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